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Natalie Slayman-Broom CV Current

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Natalie Slayman-Broom CV Current

  • 1.   Natalie  Slayman-­‐Broom   Curriculum  Vitae                                     Career  Overview   Slayman-­‐Broom  Consulting  Ltd   Director   January  2012  –  Present       Current  Position:  Business  and  Operations  Manager,  Continuing  Healthcare  Team,  Shropshire  CCG   Key  responsibilities:  Recommending  process  improvement,  managing  communications  between  different   parties,  leading  on  implementation  of  data  management  software  (BroadCare);  providing  day-­‐to-­‐day   business  management  support;  reporting  on  KPIs,  liaising  with  auditors,  responding  to  FOI  requests,   presenting  information  formally  and  informally  to  a  range  of  stakeholders     Overview:    Working  in  an  interim  capacity,  assisting  a  range  of  Public,  Private  and  Third-­‐Sector  organisations   with  project  management,  procurement,  process  improvement  and  audit  preparation.     Key  responsibilities:   • Managing  communications  between  key  stakeholders   • Leading  on  roll-­‐out  of  data  management  software   • Procurement  of  services  on  a  global  scale  for  projects,  including  an  EU  tendered  project   • Managing  the  performance  of  suppliers  to  ensure  acceptable  quality  and  timeliness.     • Dealing  with  different  complexities  including  cultural  sensitivities  and  differing  time  zones   • Negotiating  on  price  and  delivery  schedules   • Managing  client  relationships,  including  feedback  on  varying  approaches  in  terms  of  timescale  verses   quality   • Documenting  key  business  processes  through  flow  charting   • Review  and  improvement  of  key  business  processes  through  use  of  KPIs  and  industry  benchmarking   • Assisting  with  funding  bids  and  applications   • Giving  presentations  and  communicating  key  messages  effectively  to  a  range  of  audiences     Professional  and  Educational  Qualifications     Qualified  member  of  Chartered  Institute  of  Public  Finance  Accountants   CIPFA  Membership  number:  00101775   PRINCE2  Project  Management  (Practitioner  Level)   BA  (Hons)  English  and  Spanish  2:1  (King’s  College  London,  2000) Westgate  House,  Westgate,  Leominster,  HR6  8SA   07974  952  883  /  01568  368  354   n-­‐
  • 2. Greater  Manchester  West  Mental  Health  NHS  Foundation  Trust  (Turnover  circa  £150m)   Finance  Manager  –  Projects  and  Reporting   October  2008  –  January  2012   Overview:  Participated  in  a  wide  variety  of  operational  and  strategic  projects  with  cross-­‐departmental  teams.     Areas  covered  included  governance,  risk  management,  audit,  control  processes,  business  continuity  planning,   business  process  re-­‐engineering  and  financial  reporting.   Achievements:   • Led  on  the  Introduction  of  International  Financial  Reporting  Standards  and  associated  implications  for   financial  reporting  for  the  Trust.  Responsibilities  included  reporting  progress  in  person  to  the  Audit   Committee   • Re-­‐tendered  External  Audit  Services  for  the  Trust   • Collated  Trust-­‐wide  Audit  recommendations  and  tracked  progress  made  against  them.  Reported   directly  to  the  Audit  Committee   • Reviewed  a  number  of  key  business  processes,  including  payroll,  with  a  view  to  minimising  salary   overpayments  and  streamlining  student  training  programmes.   • Evaluation  of  and  introduction  of  electronic  systems,  including  an  expenses  system  and  an  annual  leave   system   • Reviewed  business  performance  against  a  series  of  KPIs,  identifying  and  acting  on  improvement   opportunities   • Researched  best  practice  examples  to  identify,  report  on  and  implement  improvement  measures       NHS  Leadership  Academy   Project  Manager   November  2009  –  April  2010   Overview:    Six-­‐month  secondment  to  assist  with  bringing  organisational  governance  arrangements  up  to  date.     Also  responsible  for  organising  a  training  event  in  the  United  States  for  the  NHS  CEOs  from  the  Northern  Region     Audit  Commission     External  Auditor   October  2002  –  October  2008   Overview:  Carried  out  audit  and  inspection  work  at  a  range  of  public  sector  clients,  including  NHS,  Local   Government,  Fire  and  Ambulance  Authorities.    Work  included  audit  of  financial  statements,  review  of   governance  arrangements  and  Value  For  Money  inspection.   Key  responsibilities:   • Conducting  audit  and  verification  work   • Drafting  reports  and  presenting  audit  findings   • Supporting  Audit  Trainees     Merit  International   Trainee  I.T.  Consultant   June  2000  –  October  2002       Overview:    Trained  in  Siebel,  working  at  various  national  and  international  client  sites  to  install  Customer   Relationship  Management  I.T.  systems.     Various  Promotions  Agencies   Team  Leader   September  1996  –  June  2000   Overview:    Whilst  at  university,  worked  on  a  variety  of  promotional  campaigns  for  different  product  launches.
  • 3. IT  Skills  Overview:   I  am  a  proficient  and  experienced  user  of  IT.    I  am  familiar  with  both  Mac  and  PC  operating  systems  and  use   Microsoft  Office  on  a  daily  basis,  with  a  particular  emphasis  on  Word  and  Excel.    I  am  comfortable  importing   images  and  using  the  functionality  of  Word  to  create  interesting  and  eye-­‐catching  documents  and  am  proficient   in  the  use  of  a  range  of  Excel  functions,  including  “If  statements”  “V-­‐“  and  “H-­‐Lookups”,  conditional  formatting   and  pivot  tables.    I  have  experience  of  a  range  of  software  packages,  such  as  risk  management  and  audit  tools.       I  use  the  Internet  extensively  for  research  purposes  and  use  various  social  networking  media.       Voluntary  Work:   Dilwyn  Preschool  Director   October  2013  to  Present   Overview:    Responsible  for  operational  and  strategic  issues  relating  to  a  small  but  vibrant  preschool,  including   treasury  management,  safeguarding,  staff  recruitment  and  fund  raising.       CIPFA  National  Council  Member   June  2007  –  June  2009   Served  on  the  Board  of  CIPFA,  agreeing  the  strategic  direction  of  the  CIPFA  professional  body  and  its  interaction   with  members  and  with  the  wider  accountancy  fraternity.     CIPFA  North  West  North,  Wales  Student  President   January  2007  –  January  2009   Overview:    Chaired  the  Board  of  the  NWNW  Student  body,  organising  a  series  of  events,  both  technical  and   social,  to  support  the  region’s  trainee  accountants.    Each  event  was  usually  attended  by  between  30  and  50   delegates  and  I  organised  8  events  per  year,  including  the  AGM  and  the  Regional  Conference.    I  managed  a   budget  of  £5k/year  and  raised  additional  funding  through  event  sponsorship  and  ticket  sales.     CIPFA  National  Student  Forum  –  North  West,  North  Wales  Representative   January  2007  –  June  2009   Overview:    Acted  as  regional  representative  on  the  national  student  body  and  served  on  the  organising   committee  of  the  National  Student  Conference  for  2  years,  raising  funds  through  corporate  sponsorship  and   exhibition  stand  sales.    Each  conference  was  attended  by  approximately  600  delegates  and  lasted  2  days,  with  a   series  of  different  speakers  and  exhibitors.     Timber  Wharf  Management  Ltd.   Director   April  2003  –  March  2006   Overview:    Oversaw  the  management  of  a  city  centre  block  of  apartments  in  Manchester,  as  Director  of  the   Management  Company.    There  are  over  200  apartments  and  commercial  units  within  the  development.    I  was   responsible  for  holding  the  Managing  Agents  to  account,  ensuring  value  for  money  in  the  contracts  that  were   entered  into,  reviewing  budgets  and  managing  a  turnover  of  around  £300k  per  annum.    I  also  was  involved  in   the  dismissal  and  replacement  of  the  Managing  Agents.     IDEA  Birmingham   Project  Manager   December  2011  –  May  2012   Overview:    Worked  with  Birmingham  City  University  in  a  Project  Management  and  fund  raising  capacity  on  the   inaugural  IDEA  Birmingham  Expo;  a  celebration  of  the  design  and  innovation  that  has  come  out  of  the  West   Midlands.     EC-­‐Arts   January  2012   Overview:    Wrote  a  large  funding  bid  (£240k)  for  a  public  arts  company.

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