Natalie J Wiard
Phone: 303-304-8588
RE: Radiology Technologist Position
Dear Hiring Manag...
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Natalie cover letter

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Natalie J Wiard Phone: 303-304-8588 Email: RE: Radiology Technologist Position Dear Hiring Manager, Please review my enclosed resume, which highlights my skills and accomplishments that will enable me to contribute to your team. During my over ten years of working in the field of radiology, I have demonstrated leadership, independence, mastery, superior work habits, and proficiency. I am a self-starter, highly motivated, can communicate effectively, and can analyze data and solve problems efficiently. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss employment options. As indicated in my resume, I have a highly extensive background in the field of radiology. This experience, while serving in the Air Force, has given me the opportunity to explore this career field, and conclude that this is my calling. I have the drive, the passion, and the discipline to perform my duties as a Radiology Technologist with attention to detail, compassion for my patients, and pride in my abilities. I consider my military service valuable to you as an employer. My experience shows that I am a hardworking, dedicated employee, who is able to perform in stressful situation and environments. The opportunity for me to work in radiology while serving our country, gave me more advantages, such as team problem solving, prioritizing tasks, as well as depending on others as they do on me. Unlike most recent graduates, I have high knowledge and confidence in using a variety of processing techniques, such as plain film as well as digital technology. I had the unique opportunity of informing fellow co-workers of my knowledge on digital processing systems, when the department, in Warner Robins, GA, was transitioning from plain film to CR. As a self-starter who absorbs and retains new information quickly, you will find me willing and eager to learn and improve. I feel as though it is my job to make sure all patients and employees of the facility are cared for with compassion, and their needs met promptly. I am an excellent performer, highly motivated, and a hard worker. I pride myself in producing high quality images with minimal retakes, as well as maximizing patient comfort and minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure. With the help of my military background, I have been exposed to and I am able to work effectively with multiple types of patients. In addition, I am able to cooperate well with peers in our department and others in the hospital. I am exceptionally professional and uphold the highly deserved respect to all supervisors and doctors. Thank you for your time in reviewing my qualifications. I look forward to speaking to you in the future to discuss employment opportunities with your facility. Sincerely, Natalie J Wiard, RT (R)

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