(646)	652-9792	/
Hair: Brown	/Eyes:	Brown	/Height: 5’7”
Vocal	Range:	Baritone	–	1st	Tenor...
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Nate Begle Res '16

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nate Begle Res '16

  • 1. NATE BEGLE (646) 652-9792 / Hair: Brown /Eyes: Brown /Height: 5’7” Vocal Range: Baritone – 1st Tenor NEW YORK Carnival Of Extraordinary Animals Razzle/Puppeteer MacNeal Entertainment (Dir. Noel MacNeal) Rescue Rue Prissy/others NYCTF/NYMF (Dir. Stacey Weingarten) Hobo Grunt Cycle Puppeteer/numerous Lone Wolf Tribe (Dir. Kevin Augustine) Ludo’s Broken Bride Angel/Puppeteer Ars Nova Ant Fest (Dir. Stacey Weingarten) Beasts Of The Magical World Puppeteer/numerous MacNeal Entertaiment (Dir. Noel MacNeal) John Tartaglia’s ImaginOcean! Puppeteer/all New World Stages (Dir. Donna Drake) Die Hard: The Puppet Musical! Puppeteer/numerous NYMF (Dir. Dean Strober) REGIONAL/TOUR John Tartaglia’s ImaginOcean! Swing/Dorsel/ASM Sydney Opera House Mouse King Puppeteer/Drosselmeyer Mandelstam Theater A Day In Hollywood/Ukraine Usher/Harpo Red Carpet Productions Forever Plaid Jinx Red Carpet Productions Noises Off! Gary/Roger Red Carpet Productions FILM/TV/WEB Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver Puppeteer HBO Losing It with John Stamos Puppeteer Yahoo/Morgan Spurlock Monica’s Mixing Bowl Puppeteer Web Series Noisy Notes Puppeteer MouseROAR TV How Do You…Joe Sherman Song? Casting Assistant Dir. Gary King VOICE OVER: APPS/COMMERCIAL/TV/RADIO/WEB Backstory, Duncan Toys, ESL Videos, Friskies, Hot Wheels, LaGrange College, Soul Sorter, Under Armor, Verizon EDUCATION/TRAINING Bachelor of Fine Arts, Musical Theatre, University of Central Florida – 2003 Associates Degree in Digital Media Productions - Television/Radio. - 2001 SKILLS/INTERESTS Favorite dialects include (but not limited to): British, Irish, Scottish, Russian, German, as well as, American regional (Southern, New England, Mid Western, etc.) Puppetry, Juggling, Improv, Impressions, Skating (ice/roller), Swimming. FL issued drivers license, Passport.

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