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Natgraph Drying Solutions Centre

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS Drying Solutions Centre stencil processing screen printing air force ultra violet infra red 10 1 8 2 11 5 7 9 14 4 3 16 15 12 17 6 13 When it comes to confirming the ideal specification for a purpose built drying system, 1 Refrigerated cooling module with external hot 9 Twin lamp high intensity Gallium UV gas bypass system, connected to an industrial lamp module refrigeration plant 10 External cladding system for high thermal efficiency 2 Ambient cooling system with variable 11 Twin lamp high intensity Mercury Vapour UV speed operation lamp module 3 Split belt between the drying and cooling 12 Full PLC control system for all aspects of the sections with stainless steel, cross-over bridge dryer’s functions, with data logging of all 4 200ºC variable speed, Forced Air module controllable parameters and job with individually selectable, Medium Wave Infra memory capability Red lamps in stainless steel, vented and 13 Internal modem for remote diagnostics focused reflectors 14 Infra Red system with Thyristor Control on a 5 UV combination module with two separate, percentage basis single lamphouses and interchangeable reflectors 15 Variable speed vacuum hold-down system on the for semi focused or high intensity operation inlet and outlet 6 Balanced vacuum system throughout the dryer 16 Intelligent UV control system 7 Pneumatic lifting hoods for easy access 17 Pneumatically operated drop down inlet 8 Pre UV Forced Air system for drying water based UV inks Natgraph Limited, Dabell Avenue, Blenheim Industrial Estate, Nottingham NG6 8WA, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)115 979 5800 Fax: +44 (0)115 979 5700
  • 2. The Natgraph Drying Solutions Centre To arrive at the optimum drying system for a Furthermore, it has the ability to control each of the particular application, there must be a knowledge of technologies individually to extreme levels so that a the process as well as an understanding of the effects potential customers precise production conditions of different types of energy on surface coatings. can be created. A new state-of-the-art screen printing machine has also been installed alongside If the drying process can be quantified and costed to enable precise surface coating thicknesses to accurately, the benefits in terms of energy efficiency, be applied. valuable production floorspace and increased output, can deliver a very short term pay-back. The dryer has a PLC control system with colour graphic interface unit (MMI), as well as inverter The Drying Solutions Centre at Natgraph’s Test, Test & Test again drive on all the fan motors so the air velocity premises Knowledge of the drying process should ideally (speed) at the substrates surface can be altered. The involve trials using the exact substrates, ink types, ink belt speed is controllable from 0.1m to 60m per colours, mesh sizes and production speeds used in minute, via a feedback loop.Finally, a pneumatic applying surface coatings. The only way to ensure the drop down inlet and TV camera monitoring of the correct drying system is to Test, Test and Test again! substrate delivery completes the picture. Five years ago, Natgraph installed its first Demand from customers dedicated test dryer within the factory. and suppliers This investment coupled with a vast range of Visitors from around the world have already made data gathering equipment brought recognition to great use of this unique testing facility to gain Natgraph as the premier manufacturer of knowledge of their existing and proposed industrial conveyorised dryers in Europe drying processes. and probably world-wide. Substrates from 80 micron polyester through to Meeting the challenge 24mm thick glass have been successfully put through the dryer to confirm the optimum technology As the industry continued to develop, the demand required to dry a screenprinted coating or image for precise data accumulation and analysis on its surface. The coatings themselves have varied became greater. in thickness from just 15 to 250 microns, with Therefore, Natgraph decided to invest still production speeds from 300mm to 65m per minute further in the ultimate test dryer, the centrepiece being achieved depending upon the process. of a dedicated ‘Drying Solutions Centre’ at their Only through rigorous testing of a drying process premises in Nottingham. can knowledge be gained. Now Natgraph have This dryer employs every type of drying technology the facilities to confirm that knowledge with you Natgraph has ever manufactured, featuring forced and for you. air evaporation, high temperature cross-linking and Call 0115 979 5800 to arrange a visit Be in total control UV curing with the opportunity for combinations of to the Drying Solutions Centre. all three. Distributed by: Download our brochures at 2 of 2 The manufacturer’s policy is one of continuous improvement and the manufacturer therefore reserves the right to change or modify the design without prior notice. The technical specifications given are therefore for information only.

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