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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. W2 Legends Tower PROJECT LOCATION: 177 FRONT ST. EAST TORONTO ONTARIO A mixed use development in Toronto’s King Parliament neighbourhood Suite Layouts: Floors 15 - 44 CENTENNIAL COLLEGE Nathan Donaldson April 20, 2015 WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH 1 Bedroom, 78 sqm 2 Bedroom + Den, 96 sqm 2 Bedoom, 96 sqm 1 Bedroom + Den, 84 sqm 2 Bedroom, 122 sqm 1 Bedroom, 71 sqm 1 Bedroom, 66 sqm 1 Bedroom, 71, sqm SEM. 6 CAPSTONE PROJECT 2. OBSERVATION BERMS: At the podium level, incorporated into its intensive green roof, is located a 3-way observation berm. Standing 1.35 m above the podium level, this berm allows people to stand on top and gain a better view of the city. It also provides a more interesting play space for tower residents. SPECIAL FEATURES: 1. PHOTOVOLTAIC ARRAYS Located on the building’s south facade are 2 parallel columns of photovoltaic ar- rays. Running the entire residential height of the tower (40 storeys) the panels have a total collecting area of 560 sq m. 3. MEZZANINE LEVEL To allow for greater light and to create the impression of space, the grocery tenant occupancy features a mezzanine level parallel to the north facade’s sloped glazing. 4. CONTINUITY of DESIGN A concrete veneer clad profile works its way down the east facade, ty- ing it with the rest of the complex. FROM BELOW (NO ACCESS) CONDOS SUBSIDIZED APPARTMENTS FRONT ST. EAST THE ESPLANADE SHERBOURNEST. PRINCESSST. TO BELOW THROUGH LANE SIDEWALK SIDEWALK SIDEWALK SHADOWS: JUNE 21, 12:00 PM Project number Scale Checked by Drawn by Date 1 : 300 2015-04-2011:32:45AM Site Plan 0005 CD Drawings ARCH 321 ND ND A0.01 April. 20, 2015No. Description DateNo. Description Date SITE KEY The Legends Tower complex is comprised of a condominium, a subsidized apartment tower and a variety of retail, office and community spaces. Located in Toronto’s King Parliament neighbourhood, this project aims at infusing the city with interesting geometry, while simultaneously offering residents and passersby alike a chance to relax via exposure to one of the project’s many green walls.

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