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S o f t w a r e A r c h i t e c t , Ma n a g e r a...
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Programming Languages:
C# (15yrs) C++ (15yrs) Python ...
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WELLAWARE (Cont.) - San Antonio, TX 2014 - 2015
 U...
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Device Clo...
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 Demonstrated a natural mindset & innovative ideas...
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DELL INC – Round Rock, TX 4 Years
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Nathan Fritsche Resume Updated 2-16-2016

Nathan Fritsche Resume Recently updated on 2-16-2016.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nathan Fritsche Resume Updated 2-16-2016

  • 1. Nathan William Fritsche 512-415-1703 Linked-In Profile S o f t w a r e A r c h i t e c t , Ma n a g e r a n d N e t w o r k E n g i n e e r TECHNICAL SUMMARY  Over 15 years of experience in software engineering and embedded design, specializing in industrial and commercial device connectivity including long and short haul communication, industrial protocols and network engineering.  Dedicating the last 10 years to M2M and IOT research and development, providing customizable, scalable and resource efficient M2M / IOT software solutions, in addition to providing guidance through professional consulting services based on experience and expertise.  Possessing a unique combination of highly desirable skills after over 15 years of exposure to large scale industrial and commercial deployments, providing ongoing customer support, engineering and debugging services for devices and cloud installations spanning across an entire country.  Providing support for Sales Engineering and Field Engineering teams while visiting high profile customers across all industries, including M2M based software development for automated deployment, resolving technical challenges and routine device maintenance on a full stack level by utilizing Device Cloud APIs (REST & SOAP) and Python development training (PEP-8) for M2M / IOT customers.  Specializing in the design and support of energy and cost efficient mesh networks and protocols including 802.15.4, ZigBee, Smart Energy, DigiMesh, RPMA, ZNet and other wireless networking technology including BLE (Bluetooth), Cellular, Satellite, WirelessHART, Wi-Fi and 6LoWPAN.  Demonstrating leadership, & communication skills for Start-Up and Corporate level of business during tenure as Support Manager through the creation of a highly successfulsupport team for a start-up company experiencing rapid growth in industrial and commercial USB device connectivity.  Responsible for the seamless integration of technical and engineering support services & protocols offered by start-up company into parent company’s larger scale and global support system after being acquired by Digi International.  Strong mentoring and training capabilities as shown through the leadership a group of technical engineers, being personally responsible for hiring, training, performance reviews, setting goals & salary considerations.  Team Lead for new Device Cloud engineering team at Digi International, providing top quality software development services for customers and coworkers while promoting team synergy, collaboration and a “never stop learning“ attitude through code reviews, team meetings and promoting strict adherence to PEP-8 coding guidelines.  Providing pre- and post- sales support and conducting in-person training across all business segments including executive level, management, marketing, account executives, sales teams and sales engineers; routinely contributing professional and well-articulated technical articles, media and “innovation ideas” to the corporate website.  Experience in providing onsite, engineering support for large industrial and commercial businesses, with the ability to debug and resolve complex hardware and software problems, in addition to explaining complex technical situations to any level of audience, thereby strengthening customer relations and at times saving large sales opportunities.  Proficient in Windows CE software development for embedded and serial based applications, working with multiple BSPs and developing Proof of Concept applications using Silverlight for Embedded CE 6.0.  Designing Python embedded solutions for large scale installations primarily in the Medical, Oil and Gas, Energy, Retail, Building Automation, Chemical Management and Transportation industries.  Extensive Serial device communication experience, including application design, debugging & knowledge of industrial protocols & embedded design, including Industrial Automation, Point of Sales, terminal servers,remote communications, embedded solutions & Proof of Concept designs.
  • 2. Nathan Fritsche 512-415-1703 Pg. 2 TECHNICAL SKILLS Programming Languages: C# (15yrs) C++ (15yrs) Python (10yrs) .NET (15yrs) JavaScript (6yrs) AutomationScripting (15yrs) Operating Systems: Linux (15 years) Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Kali Linux, Red Hat (RHEL), Ubuntu; Kernel level engineering experience; Administration, support and scripting experience; Apache; Linux Embedded Microsoft (15 years) Server, Desktop and Embedded (WinCE); Internet Information Server (IIS); Administration, configuration and support; Kernel level engineering experience Miscellaneous Android versions 4.x.x for Smart Phone and Tablet PCs; DOS; Proprietary Embedded Operating Systems including Sarian, NetOS; Microchip, Atmel, Sharp, Freescale Development Tools: IDE Visual Studio; Eclipse; PyCharm; CodeWarrior; MPLAB SCM Git / Git Bash, Tortoise Git, GitHub; SVN, Microsoft SourceSafe; Stash; FishEye Agile Atlassian Jira; Jira Agile; SCRUM Web and Database Django; Flask; MySQL, NoSQL – MongoDB, AWS ElasticSearch Misc. AWS; SalesForce API (; Google Apps; Twillio; WPF; WiX Toolset; AMQP (RabbitMQ); XAML; Jenkins; Maven, NuGet, Refactoring (ReSharper); TCP & UDP IP socket programming including multi-threaded designs; XML (DOM, SAX), XSL, JSON, etc. EXPERIENCE NF COMPUTER SERVICES – Austin, TX 2015 - Present Owner Utilizing over 15 years of Commercial, Industrial and Retail device connectivity experience to provide professionalconsulting and software engineering services across all industries, specializing in M2M and the “Internet of Things” technologies.  Solid understanding ofneeds & services unique to specific industries and imperative for successfulM2M / IOT applications, (pre- & post-installation) with 10 years of Experience working with Digi International Products, 802.15.4 (XBee and ZigBee).  Providing unique and valuable insight into the world of M2M through past and present observations made through out career, helping companies focus on a successful,cost and resource effective M2M solution.  Detangling the technologies available to customers in addition to designing hardware and software development strategies and solutions for companies looking to get into the world of M2M (Machine to Machine) device communications, instructing others how to avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls being experienced by othercompanies in this often misunderstood field of technology.  Providing C#, Python and JavaScript based applications & cloud services for the community and businesses in the Austin and Houston areas. WELLAWARE – San Antonio, TX 2014 - 2015 Software and Network Engineer Provided software engineering and networking support services for Oil, Gas and Chemical Management, primarily using Python in a Linux and Windows environment. This included the design of new software tools used for field support,providing insight for new procedures and products to improve business and the ability to overcome new challenges for the growing M2M and IoT needs in t he Energy field. Continuously using innovation and ideas to add value to our products,utilizing cutting edge technology,maintaining happy customers and establishing firm, trusting relationships with key partners and vendors.
  • 3. Nathan Fritsche 512-415-1703 Pg. 3 EXPERIENCE (Cont.) WELLAWARE (Cont.) - San Antonio, TX 2014 - 2015  Using Python and Object Oriented design methods, created application with the ability to parse data streams from a variety of RPMA and Cellular based radios in the field, sending information to the cloud for further processing.This included the ability to break streams down and perform bitwise operations,taking into account different byte ordering and other radio specific factors.  Implemented Python based “Micro-services”, utilizing object oriented design and implementing the AMQP to process data being pushed to the cloud and then placed into the appropriate queue to be further utilized by the company’s SAAS application.  Automation of onboarding tasks using Python designed for use by field engineers, providing an easy to use interface and the capability to convert sensoroutputs (voltage,4-20mA, etc.) to more meaningful data while in the field, reducing the time to validate installations.  Established relationships with key ISVs & IHVs while researching and implemented new hardware solutions to better fit the demands of automating oil and chemical data, including improving hardware reliability, data integrity, security and remote support through devices tested,documented and procured by myself.  Procured solution for field installations lacking adequate cellular coverage by researching alternatives for satellite based communications. Acquired satellite radio and necessary components for testing and documentation purposes. Successfully mounted antenna on roof of office building and performed all steps necessary to set up and provision. This included antenna calibration, software configuration, and networking including configuration and attaching end to end communications to a real Modbus connected Oilfield device. This setup was then used for compatibility testing with other oilfield equipment in addition to having all procedures and steps taken documented for installation engineers. TECHNOLOGY NAVIGATORS -- Austin, TX 2014 Software Engineer (6 Month Contract) Provided professionalsoftware engineering services using C# and Python to help design and develop new, leading edge software applications for Hybrid, Private and Public clouds utilizing Virtual Machine technology from top manufacturers. Participation in daily SCRUM meetings as software developer, practicing Agile, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methods.  Developed from scratch the Licensing and Entitlement Management System DLL for company’s Cloud based application using C# and the SalesForce API (, Enterprise WSDL).  Created complex WIX based (XAML) installer for company’s SAAS based software, including the use of C# to create an installation boot-loader, service control and CustomActions for proper installation, uninstallation, upgrades & SAAS application hotfixes.  Designed custom, professionalgrade dialog boxes with anesthetically appealing graphics and easy to read status indicators providing information on missing components and version compatibility. Utilized PowerShell script and othercustomaction code for IIS installation, upgrading and configuration, including the installation of any missing IIS extensions su ch as URLRewrite.  Helped re-design the automated build systemfor company’s main SAAS application using Jenkins, Maven and other scripting languages,gathering all resources necessary from Git repos to build multiple projects in order to satisfy Installation application’s dependencies. Created a PowerShell script to pull all necessary bits from multiple GIT repos.  Worked with Agile software development methodologies, including actively participating in daily SCRUM meetings for constant team collaboration and feedback, and using Jira for feature and bug tracking.
  • 4. Nathan Fritsche 512-415-1703 Pg. 4 EXPERIENCE (Cont.) DIGI INTERNATIONAL -- Austin, TX 8 Years Device Cloud Systems Engineer (2006-2014) Lead Systems Engineer for company’s high profile customers. Primary job function included the development of cloud based software solutions and working with sales engineers to meet the customer’s ongoing M2M needs. This role also included the development of small to large scale software projects for individual paying customers,in addition to resolving complex customer issues using a number of web service APIs. Traveled to customer’s offices to give a week of training for their engineers to learn Python software development and ways they can leverage embedded software customization to accomplish any industry specific M2M needs.  Resolved large scale, device cloud, gateway and end device related technical issues,supporting customers with over 24,000 installed gateway devices, by deciphering debug traces, writing REST and XMLRPC based utilities (Python and C#) in addition to working with sales engineers and support representatives as needed.  Developed an embedded Python application to allow customer’s cloud connected device to act as a Modbus Masterand communicate via Modbus/RTUto a PLC controlling equipment at dam sites. Worked with product engineer to implement a complex protocol as required by the customer to allow for one Python application to be used for multiple site configurations, allowing for the auto-configuration of our product based on registers read in from the PLC.  Personally designed and developed a battery powered, wireless motion sensorusing ZigBee technology,including a microcontroller for event detection, power management, signal de-bouncing and false trigger event protection. Developed a Python application used to monitor for motion events and a Python driver for our device cloud framework.  Developed a multi-threaded Python application utilizing device cloud services to automate firmware upgrades and configuration changes on a large scale, deployed in the field and in locations worldwide.  Participated in technical related phone calls along with sales engineers in the U.K. and hardware engineers from AT&T to troubleshoot cellular connection issues being experienced by a major customer and devices installed across Europe. Facilitated troubleshooting by developing a Python utility to collect meaningful data from problematic devices and generate reports.  Developed professional Feet Tracking and Management solution using multi-threaded, Python embedded application located inside of the vehicle. Responsible for the monitoring engine status,route statistics,GPS location data, network performance, and cellular connectivity information used for graphing and charting. DIGI INTERNATIONAL -- Austin, TX 4 Years Sr. Application Engineer (2002-2006) Primary job function was software development for USB attached camera using C, C++ and Assembly. Development responsibilities also included the creation of “greenfield” software (UI and components) for environmental sensors,utilities and POS applications using C++ (MFC), C#, Java and VB.NET. Secondary job function was to provide engineering support for high profile customers requiring on-site technical visits to debug & fix large scale problems, removing any fears the customer may have regarding the use of our products to “save the sale” for company’s commercial grade USB-to-serial port convertors.  Traveled to customer’s site to debug and resolve complex device connectivity issues,engaging otherengineering resources as needed and not leaving until the customer was 100% satisfied with a working solution,saving sales opportunities worth up to $5M.  Invented the Watchport Managersoftware for customers to remotely monitor, control, & receive email and SMS alerts generated from a wide variety of sensors &cameras in environmentally sensitive areas. Still being used today worldwide; selected as a finalist for “Best of Show” at Comdex, 2002.  Created Active-X controls (COM) used in the Watchport ManagerSoftware to provide all SMTP and FTP client functionality. Early adopter of XML technology to facilitate remote monitoring idea, in addition to SMS and email alerting capabilities.
  • 5. Nathan Fritsche 512-415-1703 Pg. 5 EXPERIENCE (Cont.)  Demonstrated a natural mindset & innovative ideas for “M2M” and “IOT” connectivity, implementing my own unique monitoring and alerting capabilities in the Watchport Manager.  Developed JavaPOS drivers for Point of Sale customers desiring to use the Watchport Proximity sensorin Point of Sale (POS) based solutions.  Responsible for creating USB WDM drivers for USB attached camera and video encoder (Bulk and Interrupt mode USB communications), including camera firmware, property page DLLs & DirectShow drivers; This included Windows kernel level debugging using SoftICE and WinDbg along with customer supplied kernel dumps to resolve complex technical driver issues;  Fixed USB drivers for web camera in order to pass rigorous barrage of WHQL tests including the ability to withstand surprise removal, power and enumeration related events for high profile customers including NCR and other customers worldwide.  Developed DirectShow, VFW and TWAIN based software application using C++ (MFC) which were included with our line of USB cameras. Maintaining WDM drivers for 3 different interfaces (DirectShow, Video for Windows and TWAIN) and obtaining WHQL driver certifications for each.  Developed an application in C# to automate the logging out ofkiosks and PCs for security. Created so that the software can also be used to triggera sound clip, marketing advertisement orscreensaver,including self-designed functionality to correctly identify between “walk-up” and “walk-away” events,in addition to incorporating a specialalgorithm to eliminate false triggers.  Utilizing strong customer facing communication abilities, advanced PC knowledge and experience to convey confidence while providing senior level leadership, employee training, sales support and creating Proof of Concept designs and demos for major customers.  Using C++ and MFC, developed TWAIN,Video for Windows applications and Active-Xcomponents forcustomers to monitor our USB connected camera,including a motion detection application which detects motion from the Watchport USB video stream.  Worked closely with hardware engineers, marketing personnel,and product management to release an improved version of the Watchport USB camera. Creating the firmware and driver software to support the new progressive scan CCD (released in 2007) and releasing the Watchport/V3 USB camera as a new product.  Created software and firmware for an analog-to-digital video and audio capture device called the “Watchport/VE” (released in 2008), including the development of DirectShow Filters. DIGI INTERNATIONAL -- Austin, TX 8 Years USB Technical Support Manager (1998-2006) Managed a teamof USB technicalsupport engineers,stressing customersatisfaction through communication and the importance o f training and constantly learning to improve on the level of support we give to ourcustomers.  Developed a trace processing application in C++ for the technicalsupport division to use to increase productivity while in the field, allowing for the automated processing ofcomplex debug traces gathered during a crisis or failure. This application reduced downtime for the customer and saved field technicians valuable time by processing the data collected,automatically looking for specific patterns,sending configurable debug results to a file, highlighting areas and patterns which point to potentialpro blems and in most cases suggesting serialport and device configuration changes.  Conducted numerous training sessions and presentations formy employees, always challenging them to learn more about our products in order to resolve more challenging and technical issues.  Created technicalcare for customers and synergy created between support engineers allowed us to provide a level of support still unsurpassed in the industry.
  • 6. Nathan Fritsche 512-415-1703 Pg. 6 EXPERIENCE (Cont.) DELL INC – Round Rock, TX 4 Years DellWare Consultant (1996-1998) DellWare Sales Representative (1994-1996) Member of a small group of technicalconsultants providing pre-sales and technicalassistance to Dell employees worldwide. Network related sales including government and education salesassistance. Conducted numerous conference calls with customers and sales personnelin order to determine specific software and hardware p roducts needed based on requirements and available funds provided by the customer.  Created advanced Excel spreadsheets forsales teams at Dell Inc., using VB Scripting code. Created spreadsheets to assist sales teams in tracking various sales figures for the month, etc.  Conducted training sessions on a regular basis for Dell employees, handing out technical information and creating documents to help them better understand the product and sell with confidence.  Created first HTML web page in 1995 and learning the markup language to create specialized pages for myself and other employees at Dell Inc. to replace the existing “Cube Walls” application.  Created documents and matrices providing useful technical data, cross references, compatibility information and SKU numbers for sales representatives for all of Dell Inc. CERTIFICATIONS & OTHER NOTABLE ITEMS Owner of NF Consulting, Professional Contract & Technical Consulting Services Professional Council Member, Gerson Lehrman Group ( Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet (MCP + I) Member, Association for Computing Machinery, The University of Texas at Austin Chapter ( Member, Houston Area League of PC Users, Houston, TX ( EDUCATION The University of Texas – Austin, Texas Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Candidate (Over 100 credit hours; On-track to complete BS in Computer Science at the University of Texas in 2018.) The University of Houston – Houston, Texas - Undergraduate Studies

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