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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. N a t h a n H a y w a r d 8 5 0 P l e a s a n t S t . A p t 8 1 4 N e w B e d f o r d , M A 0 2 7 4 0 5 0 8 ∙ 8 5 8 ∙ 8 7 8 7 w w w . n a t h a n h a y w a r d . c o m n a t h a n s h a y w a r d @ g m a i l . c o m Technical ∙ Illustrator ∙ InDesign ∙ Dreamweaver ∙ Hand Coding HTML/CSS ∙ Photoshop ∙ Quark XPress ∙ Flash ∙ Word ∙ Excel ∙ Power Point ∙ Acrobat ∙ iMovie Professional Experience Nathan Hayward Design, New Bedford, MA 2006-present CEO, Senior Designer, Founder ∙ Tim Zercie: London, UK; Conception, development and maintenance of logo, website and business cards increasing artistic reach by 60%. ∙ Open Up Recovery Services: New Bedford, MA; Created corporate identity and video presence while decreasing costs. ∙ Thomas Consultants: Fall River, MA; Conceived company identity and marketing materials resulting in an increase in community awareness. ∙ Split Rock Resort: Pocono, PA; Provided promotional conception through print materials to increase annual profit. ∙ Subway Restaurants: Beverly, MA; Conceived and produced promotional materials increasing customer awareness by 40%. ∙ Luigi’s Pizzeria: Beverly, MA; Developed website, company brand, and print material leading to an increase in customer sales and community awareness. ∙ New Bridge Variety & Deli: Danvers, MA; Development and print production of signs for board of health required information and instructional documentation, leading to a safer more productive work environment. ∙ Grimdrops: Gloucester, MA; Developed website, and promotional business cards resulting in an increase in clientele. ∙ Lindsey Parker: Lowell, MA; Developed website and branding to create unique online presence. ∙ Christopher Eastwood: Pocono, PA; Conceived and developed website, identity, and marketing materials leading to a 60% increase in awareness. ∙ Grimaldi Counseling Inc: Gloucester, MA; Designed marketing material saving company time and expenses. Blue Monkey, Beverly, MA April – August, 2011 Graphic Designer ∙ Created corporate identity and website for several clients allowing them to communicate services to there clientele. ∙ Collaborated with senior designer to implement creative strategies for corporate branding. Executive Summary Extensive experience in corpo- rate identity, marketing, and production. Highly skilled in developing design solutions while adhering to budget, and deadlines. Proficient in web au- thoring, file management, and file transmission. Effective at working with others to achieve company goals. Education Bachelor of Fine Art | Concentration: Graphic Design | Montserrat College of Art: Beverly, MA

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