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Masters Industrial Internship Program June 2014 - Present
U of O, Optical Materials and Devices; Eugene, OR; Dr. Nima Diny...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016


  • 1. Nathan Neibauer | (970) 301-7133 | 987 Dionne Way San Jose, CA 95133 EDUCATION M.S. Applied Physics - Optical Materials and Devices: 3.4 GPA Aug 2015 University of Oregon (U of O) B.S. Engineering Physics: 3.3 GPA May 2014 Colorado School of Mines (CSM) WORK EXPERIENCE Laser R&D Intern Jan 2015 - Oct 2015 Spectra-Physics; Santa Clara, CA; Dr. Jim Kafka Investigated and implemented designs for the next-generation ultrafast laser. Produced meaningful results in bleeding edge laser technology and will present findings company-wide. • Designed optical experiments to characterize new equipment and troubleshoot peculiar behavior • Operated custom-built characterization equipment in clean-room environment • Wrote python software for various aspects of laser design and optimization • Constructed custom prototyping equipment for product development team • Cooperated with members of several departments simultaneously Lab Technician for NANSLO Remote Science Lab Aug 2013 - May 2014 Colorado Community College System; Aurora, CO; Dr. Paul Bennett Assisted students during physics, chemistry, and biology labs conducted remotely via Labview modules and real-time video/audio communication. • Assembled and operated automated microscope systems, spectroscopy systems, and high-power Helmholtz coils • Resolved problems in real time by troubleshooting equipment and connectivity issues while students were in session • Analyzed and reported quality of students’ collaboration, etiquette, and effort during the lab OPTICS AND TEAM EXPERIENCE Product Development: External Cavity Diode Laser and Sagnac Interferometer Sep 2014 U of O; Eugene, OR; Dr. Nima Dinyari, Dr. Bryan Boggs, Dr. Walter Herlbut Created two products in two weeks among a team of 5 students in my graduate program: a turnkey style tunable external cavity diode laser (ECDL) and a Sagnac interferometer (fiber-optic gyroscope) for measuring Earth’s rotation. • Assembled a complete fiber-optic system using FC/APC connectors and fusion splicing • Fabricated anti-reflective coating on laser diode by evaporating 50nm of SiO2 and 60nm of SiO using electron beam evaporation and thermal evaporation, respectively • Developed in-situ characterization technique to monitor the diode in real time in the coating chamber Team Project: GRIN Phase Plate for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Aug 2014 NASA and U of O; Eugene, OR; Dr. Ben McMorran, Dr. Nima Dinyari Worked with a team of 6 students to design custom gradient-index (GRIN) materials for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Used an arbitrary set of Zernike polynomials to produce bitmap images that could interface with a 3D printer outfitted with optical ink. • Reconstructed optical wavefronts from Zernike coefficients using Zemax and Python • Built GUI in Python (using PyQt library) for efficient real-time lens design in intuitive environment • Delivered a robust design tool in three weeks that could accommodate NASA’s changing specifications 1
  • 2. Masters Industrial Internship Program June 2014 - Present U of O, Optical Materials and Devices; Eugene, OR; Dr. Nima Dinyari Explored an extensive palette of opto-electronic equipment and light sources and analyzed optical systems in Zemax. Composed 16 technical reports in 5 weeks summarizing the experimental methods and results of each experiment in a concise and professional format. Senior Project: Multiphoton Microscopy Aug 2013 - May 2014 CSM MOABC group; Golden, CO; Dr. Jeff Squier Constructed two-photon microscope for use with high-power 12fs Ti:Sapphire laser and designed characterization techniques for off-axis behavior of reflective microscope objectives. Also fabricated custom components to build a mode-locked fiber laser. SOFTWARE/HARDWARE SKILLS Proficient in the following computer programs/languages • Python(PyQt, TkInter, MatPlotLib, Scipy) , Zemax, Mathematica, LaTeX, MATLAB, C++, Linux, Arduino, Inkscape, Git version control, MS Office, NI Multisim, Basic Labview, basic Solid Works, basic Pspice Experience with the following hardware components/techniques • Breadboard prototying (electronic and optical), soldering, CMOS and TTL ICs, oscilloscope, multimeter, spectrum analyzer, optical power meter (thermal and semiconductor), spectrometer, optical autocorrelator, wavefront sensor, CCD profile, scanning-slit beam profiler OTHER PROJECTS Team project: Real-time Navigation System in Python Sep 2012 - Dec 2012 CSM Design II; Golden, CO; Dr. John Scales Created a stand-alone Python application among a team of physics students to extract and analyze a real-time NMEA data stream from a $12.00 GPS dongle. Field tested software on highways in Rocky Mountains and outperformed Samsung Galaxy S III’s built-in GPS tracking software. Team Project: Bio-Gas Digester for Low-Income farmers Sep 2011 - Dec 2011 CSM Design I; Golden, CO; Dr. Robert Knecht Won engineering team competition by conceiving a low-budget, easy-to-implement solution. Granted travel scholarship to represent Colorado School of Mines at international design competition in Abu Dhabi. LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Haunted Dungeon Aug 2009 - Nov 2012 Facilitated the approval, engineering, and execution of the Haunted Dungeon in Greeley, Colorado. During this process, I led over 40 administrators, teachers, and students through 150 hours of construction and rehearsal throughout the months of September and October. By using a low-budget design, $13,000+ revenue was generated and donated to charity to build a school in Vietnam. PUBLIC SPEAKING EXPERIENCE Toastmasters Feb 2015 - Present Active member of Laser Sharp Speakers Toastmasters club since February. I have been voted “Best Speaker” 6 times out of 7 speeches given, and I recently won our club’s “Humorous Speech” speaking contest. I will move on and compete at the area-level competition in one month. 2

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