Nathan Stiles
Sales, Purchasing & Marketing
☞ Toledo, OH
☎ 419/382-4579
Highly recogniz...
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Toledo, Ohio | 419/382-4579 |
Glow Industries, Continued …
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Nathan Stiles Resume Final

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nathan Stiles Resume Final

  • 1. Nathan Stiles Sales, Purchasing & Marketing ☞ Toledo, OH ☎ 419/382-4579 ✉ Summary Highly recognized sales executive with nearly 20 years of experience as a top- performing business-to-business sales rep. Adept navigator of the sales world with a unique ability to develop long-lasting, profitable relationships with executives, administrators, vendors, manufacturers, and a wide range of influential decision-makers. Proven multi-million dollar producer with an established reputation for honest, straightforward sales based upon trust, rapport, and a profound understanding of the client’s most critical needs. Creative, entrepreneurial self-starter with a charismatic and engaging attitude. Proficient in sales, marketing, leadership, and business management. Unmatched ambition to take on a challenge and beat out the competition. Skills Sales ♦ Client Retention ♦ Relationship Building ♦ Marketing ♦ Design ♦ Client Service Pipeline Development ♦ C-Level Interaction ♦ Training & Development ♦ Corporate Sales Windows ♦ PC ♦ Apple / MAC ♦ MS Word ♦ Excel ♦ Adobe ♦ CRMs ♦ Data Entry Software Strategic Planning ♦ Photo Editing ♦ Department Management ♦ Communication Business Operations ♦ Profit Generation ♦ Revenue Acceleration ♦ Team Leadership Experience Sales Executive 2008 – 2015 B to B Sales 2003 – 2008 GLOW INDUSTRIES, INC, Perrysburg, OH Served for 13 years as a top-performing wholesale sales rep for novelty products, accessories, and merchandise. Worked in several specialty retail industries including tobacco, clothing, and fragrance. Performed many additional functions including time as a sales trainer, product buyer, product developer, and marketing associate.  Maintained the company’s #1 salesman ranking (out of 10) for 6 years straight, personally reaching $2.4 million in annual sales  Proactively sought out many new projects, including the replacement of a floundering product line with a new one that took 6 months to develop, sold 5000+ units and created $80,000 in new business revenue  Sought out and negotiated deals for licensed merchandise with several celebrities and entertainers including Cheech and Chong and Live Nation Entertainment  Worked closely with vendors and manufacturers to create valuable, long-term partners  Trusted as a “fill-in” sales manager for 6 months after the prior manager left
  • 2. Page 2 Nathan Stiles Toledo, Ohio | 419/382-4579 | Glow Industries, Continued …  Trained new employees on product information, sales strategies, marketing techniques  Learned to “work a phone” through cold calling, building long-term, trusting relationships with customers despite never meeting in person – Became a 12-year success story in an industry where 40% of new reps don’t make it past 2 months  Developed an impressive reputation with competitors, vendors, and manufacturers for finding unique, effective ways to market and sell new products, often receiving more recognition in the industry than the Glow president himself Commercial & Residential Sales 2001 – 2003 Inside/ Showroom Sales 1998 – 2001 GLOBE FURNITURE RENTALS, Holland, OH Began as a showroom sales and rental representative before transferring into an “eat- what-you-kill” outside sales rep position with regular quotas between $10K and $20K per month. Managed all aspects of large B2B furniture sales contracts including proposals and bids, inventory, closing deals, product delivery, and installation.  Successfully sold $10K - $50K packages to large-scale buyers like the Toledo Zoo, the Toledo Home Builders Association, the Toledo Hospital, and many more  Developed a reputation for treating every customer right regardless of the size of their business, leading to countless referrals and significant repeat business  Started at the bottom, developing into “the guy” for creating something from nothing Department Manager 1997 – 1998 Floor Sales 1996 – 1997 OFFICE MAX, Holland, OH Started at Office Max as a floor sales rep shortly after graduating. Trusted with a wide array of duties including stocking, greeting, checkout and inventory before accepting a promotion to furniture manager, where the role expanded to employee management, training, planograms and oversight of overall function and success of the department.  Promoted from floor sales to department manager after only 1 year on the job due to exceptional performance and customer service.  Learned to upsell, evidenced by consistent sales of extended warranties  Trained new employees on effective communication, customer service, and sales Education General Studies Graduate 1995 ANTHONY WAYNE HIGH SCHOOL, Whitehouse, OH

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