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Nathan Tannar Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nathan Tannar Resume

  • 1. NATHAN TANNAR Langley, BC, V2Y 0K3 604.355.6292 EDUCATION SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY B.ASc. Computer Engineering, Second Year PROJECT AND TEAM MANAGEMENT TRAINING Student Works SEPTEMBER 2014 – SUMMER 2019 JANURARY 2015 TECHNICAL SKILLS SOFTWARE  Experienced in MS Visual Studio, C++ Object-Oriented Programming/Debugging  Well-versed in XCode 7, Programming and Debugging for iOS  Experience processing JSON libraries and using Parse to manage cloud data  Familiar with Push Notifications and Provisioning Certificates for iOS  Proficient in Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS  Talented in Adobe Photoshop  FileZilla, SSH File Management on FTP servers  Competent in all Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Operating System Environments NON-TECHNICAL SKILLS  Writing technical reports  Meeting deadlines under pressure  Efficient and effective communication  Entrepreneurial background CLASS PROJECTS LINKED LIST DATA STRUCTURE – CMPT 225, SFU  Showed a strong understanding of pointers and object-oriented programming  Created overloading operator, constructor and sorting functions  Debugged code using breakpoints to localize the error VHDL CODE PARSER – ENSC 251, SFU  Parsed a VHDL file into a doubly linked list of parsed tokens  Wrote a function that could remove comments from the linked list tokens  Showed a powerful understanding of strings and the string library functions JOHN CONWAY’S GAME OF LIFE PROGRAM – CMPT 128, SFU  Modeled the growth or decay of bacteria within a two dimensional space  Growth determined by the population neighbouring a given piece of bacteria  Demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of arrays and loops to search a grid of data RECYCLING ROBOT SORTING ALGORITHM – CMPT 128, SFU  Sorted bottles based on color, size and condition  Outputted actions to a log file HOCKEY PUCK LAUNCHER – ENSC 100W/105W, SFU Lead Engineer  Lead the design, planning an execution of a VEX robot that shoots hockey pucks  Managed and organized each individuals responsibilities  Presented the design and business model to faculty and classmates
  • 2. NATHAN TANNAR 604.355.6292 SELF-DRIVEN PROJECTS OFFICIAL ESSS APP – IOS PROGRAMMING/UI DESIGN USING SWIFT 2 DECEMBER 2015 – PRESENT  Following tutorial videos online and reading the documentation of various API’s I have begun to learn how to: o Use Parse ( to manage cloud storage of multiple classes which can include files of any type o Process JSON libraries from API’s such as Google o Integrate push notifications to iOS applications o Design an interactive UI for the user WEBSITE DESIGN/PROGRAMMING  Began with an open source Basecamp template that I could modify to suit the websites needs  Taught myself HTML and CSS to add animations, buttons and customize the design  Sites are live at: and WATER POWERED EGG ELEVATOR – WESTERN ENGINEERING COMPETITION 2015  Sent to represent SFU as the victors of SFU Engineering Competition in Junior Design  Designed, created and tested various designs that would use the energy of a waterfall to move an egg over a box to reach the target  Incorporated environmental restrictions and budgetary restraints  Collaborated within a group of 4 against 12 other teams VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE VP ADMINISTRATION JANUARY 2015 – PRESENT SFU Engineering Science Student Society  Represents SFU at many national conferences/competitions including the National Conference on Women in Engineering  Responsible for taking minutes during meetings, planning and running events, managing merchandise and overseeing Directors  Establishes more effective communication methods to better serve the students and faculty WORK EXPERIENCE OWNER/OPERATOR JANUARY 2015 – SEPTEMBER 2015 Nathan Tannar Painting – Student Works Franchise  Gained entrepreneurial experiences as I began to market my business to gain new clients  Recruited and trained staff to work on multiple projects and teams  Responds well to long hours – 20 hours/week prior to April 24, 70+ hours/week thereafter  Responds to high pressure and time constrained saturations  Placed in the 5 Rookie Franchisee Operators in Western Canada  Awarded the Top Fast Start Award for the most sales produced in the first month

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