Nathan P. Thomas
Address: 1135 S. Lincoln Park Drive, Evansville, Indiana, 47714
Telephone: (940)-395-6650 E-mail: nathanp...
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Nathan P Thomas Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nathan P Thomas Resume

  • 1. Nathan P. Thomas Address: 1135 S. Lincoln Park Drive, Evansville, Indiana, 47714 Telephone: (940)-395-6650 E-mail: O B J E C T I V E Energeticandfocused Electrical Engineerseekingworkopportunitiesthatwill helpme utilizeandexpand my experience.Anxiousforopportunitiesthathelpme learnall the aspectsof the technologyprocesses fromdevelopmentandmanufacturing toservice,salesandsupport. E D U C A T I O N B.S.E.E. El e ctri cal Engi ne e ri ng and Ene rgy Engi ne e ri ng Ce rti fi cate Uni ve rsi ty of Evansvi l l e, Evansvi l le , IN ( Ex pe cte d May, 2015) GPA 3.07  Dean’sList2 consecutive (6th and 7th ) semesters  AcademicScholarshiprecipient  Helped organize andruna charityeventto raise over$5000 for BigBrothersBig Sisters  VolunteeredforNational Make a Difference DayandUE GivesBack everyyear  Workedon numerousprojectsthatcoveredmanydifferentdisciplinesof Engineering  Currentlyamemberof IEEE (4 years)  Helda joball 4 yearsof school Hi gh School /Advance d Pl ace me nt Stude nt John H. Guye r H.S., De nton, TX ( May, 2011) GPA 4.3 out a 4.0  4 yearmemberof the VarsityGolf Team  Memberof RotaryClub for 3 years  National MeritScholar S K I L L S Microsoft Office,Word,Outlook,EXCEL,PowerPoint, 3DPrinting,GIS,AutoCAD,LTSpice,MATLab, MultiSim,AutoDeskInventor,PowerWorld,andCode some inmostC languages. Soldering,able toread/use DVMandohmmeters,operatingafunctiongenerator,operatingan oscilloscope,able toreadschematicsandone line diagrams. W O R K E X P E R I E N C E Mt. Carme l Publ i c Uti l i ty Co. Power Systems Engi neeri ng Intern ( 5/2014- Pre se nt)  In charge of implementingan ArcGISsystemfornatural gas and electricservices.  Designed 3000ft of 12.5kV service linestoreplace anoldandoutdatedsystem.  Designed 60kWGeneratorand 600A transferswitchfora backup service toan office building.  Helpeddesignaregulatorstationfora subdivisionbeingfedoffof amainnatural gas line. L E A D E R S H I P E X P E R I E N C E Si gma Phi Epsi l on Frate rni ty Vi ce Presi dent of New Member Devel opment ( 1/2014- 1/2015) ( El e cte d Posi ti on)  Createda newprogramthat prepared New Members forcollege life andcareers.  Setup skill building,resume building,andjobfinding workshops fornew memberstoattend.  Setup communityservice opportunitiesfornew memberstoparticipate in. Si gma Phi Epsi l on Frate rni ty House Improvements Chai r ( 8/2011- 8/2012 and 8/2013- 8/2014) ( El e cte d Posi ti on)  Createdandimplemented projectsandlayouts toremodel partsof a fourstory fraternityhouse.  Fundraisedandmanaged money andacommittee toimplementandcompletethe projects.  Responsible forthe acquisitionof materials,tools,andlabortofinalize the project. Uni ve rsi ty of Evansvi l l e Freshman Edge Program, Mentor/ Chaperone ( 5/2012 - 5/2013)  Mentoredincomingfreshmanforthe weeklong collegepreparationprogram.  SelectedbyUniversityof Evansvillestaffforthe position.

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