Nathan Wilson’s Biography
Mr. Nathan D. Wilson
Mr. Nathan Wilson has more than 28 years of executive management experience...
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Nathan Wilson Biogaphy Final - June 15 - 1030PM

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nathan Wilson Biogaphy Final - June 15 - 1030PM

  • 1. Nathan Wilson’s Biography Mr. Nathan D. Wilson Mr. Nathan Wilson has more than 28 years of executive management experience. He is the CEO of Gallant Knights LLC, a veteran owned, boutique-consulting company. Gallant Knights LLC is a global firm specializing in providing tailored strategies that strengthens and improves processes, maximizes efficiencies and delivers results- oriented strategies on domestic and international business along with policies to support a global clientele. Mr. Wilson past success in researching and drafting U.S. National Security, human trafficking, and intelligence policies has made him a highly sought-after consultant. He is an expert at researching legislation and providing law enforcement illicit trafficking and combat arms training. He is also highly sought-after lecturer at nationally recognized establishments to various audiences. For nearly 8 honorable years, Nathan proudly served in the United States Air Force as a security forces and transportation expert, where he managed the strategic policy programs, and exercised functional oversight of a multi- billion dollar directorate. His service to our nation in the security forces, law enforcement as incident investigator was critical in enhancing his skillset in research and evidence gathering, law enforcement policies and procedures, and ultimately his superb analytical skills. He is a 100% service connected disabled veteran, with no limitations, that prides himself in providing ethical, efficient and effective turning-point solutions. His time sensitive approach and ability to singly re-engineer and manage several elite programs in the United States Air Force, Air Support Operation Center, was a testament to his award of the "Air Force Commendation Medal". Nathan is considered a leading expert on counter-illicit trafficking, illicit trafficking intelligence gathering, law enforcement training, intelligence gathering, criminal enterprises, organized crime syndicates, trans-national gangs, human trafficking, terrorism and national security related issues. He has been invited to speak globally at many prestigious establishments to include embassies in Washington D.C., universities, state governments, civic conferences and talk shows leading to his addressing Congress. He was hand-selected to serve as a bipartisan advisor to several U.S. congressional leaders. In 2003, during the Bush Administration, Nathan was hand-selected by U.S. Senator Samuel S. Brownback of Kansas to serve a four-year term, as an advisor on critical issues as part of the Value Action Team on the Republican Study Committee (RSC). In 2005, during his four-year service as an advisor to Congress, Nathan assisted, drafted and helped facilitate numerous federal and state human trafficking, intelligence and security protection of children and young women bill(s), that were voted into law. He occasionally advised on humanitarian, international crisis, Department of Defense, counter-human trafficking, and education and immigration issues. In addition to his time in the military and Congress, Nathan has served as chairman, vice chairman, president and board member of multiple international and humanitarian non-profits and profit companies. His diverse career also includes more than 8 years’ experience in the medical profession at the emergency room, adolescent’s psychology behaviors center(s), and the hematology and oncology departments. He was also successful while serving in the telecommunication industry for 10 years in the capacity of an executive director for sales and marketing. Nathan speaks English, Italian, and German and is passionate about photography, martial arts and football (Soccer). His management and strategy work have earned him endorsements from C-Suite level government and industry executives. His skills were also recognized by Strathmore's Who's Who - lifetime member for his international business leadership, achievements and dedication. Upon request, Nathan is readily available to provide references on the bills and laws he has worked on along with C- Suite professionals that have endorsed his unique skillset.

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