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Research and Planning I was able to use my These skills allowed me and my These skills can...
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Nathan hunter Personal Skills Audit

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nathan hunter Personal Skills Audit

  • 1. Personal Skills Audit Name: Nathan Hunter Skills acquired How did these skills How will you develop these contribute to the creation of skills during the A2 project? your product?Digital technology Ability to use various camera These skills allowed me to I can use these skills in my A2 - What angles, different video software improve and alter my media work to help create a music equipment/software such as iMovie and Final Cut to production according to the video for my chosen band. This packages did you use to edit. Using music software design brief and the deadline will allow me to create produce your Cubase and Garage Band to dates. They also allowed me to something authentic and production? create a unique soundtrack and use my knowledge of camera creative which will appropriately the ability to improvise with angles and media productions advertise the band. I will also ideas to improve them on a in a creative way to help create try to experiment with more deadline. my media production. camera angles and the editing software to create more interesting effects.Post production My ability to use the different I was able to use the software’s I can transfer these skills over - What software did you music software’s to create a accordingly to help create to my A2 work as the tasks use to create your unique and original soundtrack. different effects for the various require a lot of the same things production? My ability to use the editing different tasks I was assigned. I and they also require a lot of - Discuss specific features software to create the different also could adapt my knowledge the same skills. I can also use of the software. effects and shots used within of other software’s such as these skills to help create my media production. Photoshop to help the others in realistic media products. my group to help create the posters.
  • 2. Research and Planning I was able to use my These skills allowed me and my These skills can be used in my - What tasks did you organization skills to keep on group to keep on top of the A2 work as it can help me plan complete when top of the tasks given and to work and not to miss deadlines. out and structure what I need to preparing to film your also keep a record of what It also proved that we had do in order to successfully sequence? happened within our sessions enough time to gather enough create the music video and - How did your planning and what we needed to finish video footage and also edit it in promotional package. help the smooth off. time to look realistic. progression of your film?Using conventions of real We analyzed various different These skills allowed our media These skills can be transferredmedia texts media products that related to production to become realistic over as it will allow me to - Which texts did you our media production i.e. Film and stick to the conventions of concisely create different music analyse? Noir. We also decided to take our chosen genre. They also video’s that relate to my chosen - Did you take any inspiration such as dress code allowed us to be able to plan genre and it will eventually help inspiration from the and situations to help create out specifically what we needed me to create a realistic and conventions found from our different media productions. to do. authentic music video and your research? promo pack.Creativity The ideas we came up with in These allowed our group to use This will help me as I can study- were our ideas for your our group were original but had some existing ideas and take some existing music video’s toportfolio imaginative and unique clear inspiration from existing inspiration from them to create help me to create somethingor did you adhere to media products so we had to something new and original. new but within the conventionsconventions? help create our own elements of successful music video’s and add them to the ideas to already created. make them seem original.

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