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Nathaniel Musser
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Nathaniel M resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. 34 Lloydminster Ct North Potomac, MD 20878 Nathaniel Musser 240-751-7045 namusser@mtu.edu Objective  To obtain a full time position as a materials engineer Education  Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI Materials Science and Engineering Graduated May 2015 GPA: 2.7 (GPA with transferred credits: 3.1) Montgomery College GPA: 4.0 Internship Experience ArcelorMittal, USA June 2014 – August 2014 Designed and implemented a computerized inventory system to tracksteel plates using bar codes  Worked closely with supervisor and employees including giving weekly updates to the department  Optimized the efficiency of the handheld devices by eliminating unnecessary steps and programing the screens to be as user friendly as possible  Designed entire implementation strategy by incorporating key employees into training on the new program and disseminating information to remaining employees. Employees were given input on the functions of the devices.  Presented end-of-project report and left documentation on entire process for ArcelorMittal Engineering Project Experience Senior Design – Michigan Technological University Objective: Designa fracture toughnesstestfor cast steel that could be executedin15 minutes  Worked in a team of 4; communicated weekly with sponsor company ME Global to give progress reports  Researched and conceptualized possible fracture toughness test methods including using Magma 5.1 to create and place a representative test sample on the cast part.  Designed experiment to test the correlation of Circumferentially Notched Tensile (CNT) strength to fracture toughness using different steels to vary fracture toughness  After results did not show correlation, the experiment was redesigned to use specimens of the same metal and microstructure. Fracture toughness was varied with heat treating.  Resulting linear trend was verified using Minitab.  Wrote and constructed a detailed technical report and created and delivered a presentation to ME Global and academia Technical & Computer Skills  Tensile Testing  Magma 5.1  UGNX 7.5  X-ray Diffraction  Stay-linked Simulation  Matlab  Minitab  Python  Metal grinding & rolling Leadership Experience  Leadership Team, Worship Leader, Bible Study Leader; 2013-2014 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  Martial Arts Assistant Instructor, BMI Karate May 2009 – August 2010

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