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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - nathaniel_smith_design

  • 1. NATHANIEL SMITH GRAPHIC DESIGN EDUCATION EXPERIENCE SOFTWARE 507-382-2451 Visual designer and direction for brands seeking to connect with their users. 2014 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design from Biola University. This unique inter- disciplinary and multimedia program, combined with research and dialogue-based honors program, prepared me to find flexible, creative solutions for users by focusing on core design principles that fostered empathy, innovation and fittingness. Strong emphasis on typography. 2014-16 Designer at Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Inc. Focus on understanding users based on field experiences and monitoring social media engagement. Directed iterations on deliverables such as flash banners, social media content, social banners, brand identity, event branding, user guides, apparel, brochures, print ads, and photo edits. 2015 Designer at Martina Brand Therapy. Designed brand identity for client in the Orthodontic Consultant industry including logos, business card, letterhead and type assets. 2014-15 Designer and Shipping/Receiving coordinator at Poketo. Processed User data through e-commerce platform, and learned about how content creators can more effectively connect users and their desired product. Designed art directed holiday themed interactive in-store experiences for customers and employees to enjoy. 2014 Designed Interactive Experience -- Semaphores of Light video installation @ Earl & Virginia Green art gallery. Personal project that involved gathering research on virtual experiences and their environmental effect on the user. Designed interface, created iterations and user testing to create an immersive and experimental experience for the user. 2014 Designed Interactive Gallery Space using Illustrator and photo-references base on concept. 2013-14 Biola annual Design Editor. Interviewed students to gain insight on annual preferences, designed book frameworks, and communicated with the production team to deliver a unique and memorable yearbook for end-users. 2012-13 Graphic Designer at University Non-Profit. Responsible for the design of marketing collateral, multipage event brochures, event branding and apparel. Proficient: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and After Effects. Familiar: HTML, CSS, Powerpoint, Sketchup.

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