National Recovery Solutions: Industry-Leading Services
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National Recovery Solutions: Industry-Leading Services

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. National Recovery Solutions: Industry-Leading Services National Recovery Solutions, an accounts receivables company and member of the Lockport, New York community since 2006, specializes in both debt recovery and debt buying services, working with businesses and organizations to reduce account delinquencies, as well as with consumers towards finding viable repayment options. Known for their considerable expertise in both the banking and education sectors, NRS has a process that is proven to get results; one that works with the debt consumer to find and implement a debt repayment plan most suitable to them. National Recovery Solutions has three primary focuses when it comes to client services. As mentioned earlier, these include the banking sector, the education sector and the field of debt acquisition and sales. Below is a brief description of each service offered by NRS. Education Debt Recovery National Recovery Solutions’ management team has a unique and considerable level of experience in the federal and private student loans field. Experienced with such areas, and organizations, as the United States Department of Education, Sallie Mae and numerous other higher education related receivables, NRS has a strong and proven grasp of student loan collections and recovery, something at the very core of the services they offer. Banking Sector Recovery An experienced debt recovery team, National Recovery Solutions has worked with numerous companies, banks and more in the collection of debts on credit cards, consumer loans and past due bank accounts. Their performance in this field has been consistently high, and has produced real results, and helped to reduce countless delinquencies, for banks and companies throughout the industry. Licensed, bonded and insured, NRS has become a trusted debt recovery partner to any number of banks and financial organizations over the last nine years. Sales and Acquisition Debt Sales and Acquisition is the third integral services offered by the National Recovery Solutions team. A member of both the ACA and the DBA, as well as in the process of pursuing their 2015 Debt Buyers Association certification, NRS has proven very successful in the facilitation of both acquisition and sales of debt portfolios. As a debt buying organization, they have enjoyed the opportunity to work with a number of debt issuers, lenders and resellers over the years, and have consistently made the process easier and more satisfactory for clients throughout the region. National Recovery Solutions has been a part of the Lockport, New York business community since 2006, and continues to make contributions to and show support for such charitable organizations as the Make A Wish Foundation.

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