Natraj Mustoori
Seeking senior level assignments in Software Development in areas of Product, Enterprise Application
Natraj Mustoori
Certifications and Achievements
Brainbench C ++ ZC11326-U7JRN3XL 3.63[Score] Feb-2006
Brainbench C ++ ZC11...
Natraj Mustoori
2. MSI Core Services Duration: Sept 2011 – June 2014
Platform Windows XP, VS 2010, C# .NET4.0
Languages &T...
Natraj Mustoori
 Provided technical consulting to the Tech Marketing and Current Business Inhibitor
teams world-wide that...
Natraj Mustoori
they value the data and surrounding services.
6. Credit Cards – Customer care Desktop Applications Duratio...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Natraj Mustoori Seeking senior level assignments in Software Development in areas of Product, Enterprise Application Development in reputed organizations.  11+ years of experience in software development-Product Engineering (7) and Enterprise Applications (4).  M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning from Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad.  6+ years of experience in managing people & 9 years’ experience in agile software development using TDD.  Proficient in MS patterns/practices and expert in OOP with in-depth understanding of design patterns.  Well versed with SOA/Client-Server/N-tire/Message Architecture styles, patterns, and trade off.  Expert knowledge in Data Structures & Algorithms, Object Oriented Design, Design Principles and Patterns.  1 Year Experience in NoSQL database using Cassandra, Redis and currently learning Hadoop & MongoDB.  Managed advanced engineering projects with good leadership, mentoring and grooming capabilities. Knowledge and Technical Skills Operating Systems Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 8). Languages C++, C#.NET WinForms, Multithreading, WCF (SOAP & REST], MVC Web API [Web Services], Entity Framework/ORM, XML/ XSLT, Nancy Rest API, Cassandra, Redis. .Net Frameworks .NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, SCSF [Smart Client Software Factory]. SW Development Agile Practices [Scrum], Test Driven Development [TDD]. RDBMS/ NoSQL SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, NoSQL[Cassandra, Redis ] Version Control Team Foundation Server, Rational ClearCase, GIT. .NET Tools, Frameworks/Others MS Test, Moq [Mock FrameWorks], Structure Map [Dependency Injection], Fluent Validation, Fluent Rule Engine, Auto Mapper, NuGet Package Manager, XML, XSD, XSLT,SOAP,WS* Specifications, WSDL, Entity Framework 5, LINQ, Post Sharp [Aspect-Oriented Programming], WCF-Discovery Extensions, WCF SOAP and REST Conversions, REST with Hypermedia, T4 template. Design Tool Visio, Rational Rose, Microsoft VS 2005/2008/2010/2012[Professional and Ultimate]. Work Experience Accion Labs / Rackspace Principle Consultant: Sept 2014 - Till Date. [ Manage Cloud] AIS / Geico Senior Software Engineer Lead: Sept 2011-June 2014. [Insurance–Auto & Renters] BarclaysCapitals-Singapore Senior Consultant: Feb 2011-Sept 11. [Banking & Financials–Collaterals] Hewlett Packard IPG R&D Software Engineer III: Feb 2010-Feb 11. [Enterprise Printing] Spacelab’s HealthCare Software Engineer III: Mar 2008-Dec 09. [Medical–Patient Monitoring] Siemens Senior Analyst: Apr 2006-Feb 08. [Medical–Oncology] Tata Consultancy Services Assistant Systems Engineer: July 2004-Mar 06. [Banking & Financials–Credit Card] Educational Qualifications Post-Graduation[M.Tech] Master of Technology in Intelligent Systems from IIIT-Allahabad with 9.30[CGP], 2002-04. Graduation[B.Tech] Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from SNIST with 68%, 1997-01. Intermediate Intermediate in M.P.C from SaiSudhirJr college-Hyderabad with 71%, 1995-97. S.S.C Secondary School from PragatiVidhyalaya-Hyderabad with 64%, 1993-94. Professional Summary NATRAJ MUSTOORI : +91- 8374291933 : Hno: 54A, Sree Ram Nagar Colony, Kapra, ECIL, Hyderabad-500062. Job Objective Photograph
  • 2. Natraj Mustoori Certifications and Achievements Brainbench C ++ ZC11326-U7JRN3XL 3.63[Score] Feb-2006 Brainbench C ++ ZC11326-786R-DK2C 3.61[Score] June-2006 GATE 2002 Got all India rank 800 in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. 96.6[Percentile] Feb-2002 Personal Details Personal Details Date of birth: 3rd May, 1979 Languages known: English, Telugu and Hindi Passport no: B2232178 Valid B1/B2 USA VISA till 2017. Hobbies Gardening, Reading Business Magazines, Capital Market [Insurance, Equity and Mortgage], Personal Finance. Preferred Job Product, Application development in Banking & Financial or Medical Domain. Preferred location Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune or onsite opportunity. Areas of interest SOA, Service Bus, Design Principles, Patterns, Python, NoSQL. 1. Next Generation Automation Framework Duration: Sept 2014 – Till date Platform Windows XP, VS 2012, C# .NET, Nancy Rest API, Cassandra, ActiveMQ, Redis, Cloud Languages &Tools SOA – Design, Open Stack, Virtualization. Roles/ Responsibilities  Lead Developer (Team Size: 5 )  Continues integration (CI)  Design & Development Client Rackspace- Managed Cloud services, San Antonio,Texas USA. Description As Rackspace has grown, the number of processes executed each year has increased from just over 100,000 per month to almost 3 million per month. Moreover, the original system didn’t support business processes. The number of business processes executed in the system has grown exponentially from 6% to 41% in 2012 alone. These processes and current-day monitoring processes are also much more complicated than the original monitoring processes. Because of the increased complexity of the automations being performed, the number of automated actions doubled in 2012. Right now, the Process-to-Action ratio stands at 2:5, which means, we can no longer gauge system throughput based on the number of processes executed anymore. The increase in actions has caused increased load on the database and increased database contention, which causes delays, With Cassandra replacing SQL in the new architecture for event processing, the amount of time an event has to wait before it’s processed will be greatly reduced. Even for complex actions, the new system can run almost 400% faster. Projects Details: Projects in chronological order
  • 3. Natraj Mustoori 2. MSI Core Services Duration: Sept 2011 – June 2014 Platform Windows XP, VS 2010, C# .NET4.0 Languages &Tools C#.Net, Asp.Net MVC 3/4, Asp.Net Web Api, WCF, Rest with Hypermedia, Structure Map, Moq, Automapper, Fluent Validation & Asserts, Fluent Rules.FxCop, StyleCop, PostSharp- Aspect Orient Programming (AOP), Nuget package Manager, Log4Net, SOA – Design. Roles/ Responsibilities  Lead Developer (Team Size: 9 )  Continues integration(CI)  Developed REST Hypermedia Web Services using Web Api.  Developed Client Application and Client Core Services using MVC 3 and Web Api.  Developed Nuget Packages.  Followed Test Driven Development.  Code Review.  Troubleshooting the issues with applications Client Geico, US. Description This is development project using the latest Microsoft technology stack (.net 4.0, WCF, Aps.Net Web Api, MVC 3/4, AOP- Aspect oriented programming, TTD, SQL Server 2012) using Agile development process. We are working on Web and Web service application to aid Geico Counselors in Auto insurance domain. 3. Exposures Manager Duration: Feb 2011 –Sept 2011. Platform Windows XP, VS 2008, C# .NET 2.0 Languages &Tools C#.NET Win Forms, WCF, SQL,Xml, Xslt. Roles/ Responsibilities  Developer (Team Size: 9 )  BARCAP Application development for Barclay UK& US Wealth clients.  Implemented WCF web services  Code Review.  Troubleshooting the issues with applications Client Barclay Wealth, UK. Description Exposure Manager – handles Collateral risk management for OTC trades. 4. LEDM Adapter Duration: Feb 2010 –Feb 2011. Platform Windows XP, VS 2010, C# .NET4.0 Languages &Tools C#.NET, Windows Services, WCF, RESTfuL Web services, WS*Specifications, Xml, Xslt, Roles/ Responsibilities  Developer (Team Size: 6 )  Implemented WS*Transfer Protocol  Implemented RESTful web services  Implemented WCF web services  Implemented WCF 4.0 Discovery extensions.  Implementing Unit Testing usingUnitTest Frame work.  Code Review.  Troubleshooting the issues with applications Client Hewlett Packard, USA. Description Involved in the research and development of the business needs of the product “Web JetAdmin (WJA),” The highly-rated printer management software product that has 70% of the market share worldwide.  Owned the core Module of LEDM Adapter and LEDM Proxy, which retained HP’s main customer-base, and had a significant revenue impact.
  • 4. Natraj Mustoori  Provided technical consulting to the Tech Marketing and Current Business Inhibitor teams world-wide that solved over 20 problems associated with WJA in the production environment.  Performed technical evaluations and designed requirements in collaboration with global HP teams.  Practiced agile methodologies in the development process of the project. Spearheaded the Gen Y committee, a group that assessed and presented business cases to senior management at HP India on future opportunities in printing technology and associated products.  Received “Significantly Exceeded Expectations” rating, the highest grade at HP. Awarded twice with the Best Employee (eAward) of the quarter.  Mentored newly-recruited Software Engineers to adapt to HP's software technology and the HP's corporate culture. 5. Salish March 2008 –Dec 2009. Languages / Tools C#.NET WinForms, WCF, SQL 2005, Xml, FxCop, NUnit. Roles/ Responsibilities  Developer (Team Size: 4 )  Interaction with marketing Team on weekly basis.  Preparation of Use case document, Sequence diagrams, Class diagrams using UML.  Involved in Planning and estimation of Calculation Application Module.  Designed the Interface Document.  Developed UI using .NET WinForms.  Coding by following FxCop coding guidelines.  Done continuous integration.  Code Review.  Troubleshooting the issues with applications  Developed Generic Build Verification [BVT] Automation tool and Published a white paper Client Spacelabs Healthcare, USA. Description This is Product development for patient monitoring system in the hospitals. I work for Calculation module which involves Physiological calculations for Clinical usage by the physicians in the hospitals. The calculated data is displayed in Windows rich client (Win Forms). It has features of Formula Parser and Formula Builder which is used in custom calculation dynamically. 6. Beretta – Loan Pricing Duration: Feb 2005 – Feb 2006. Languages / Tools C#.NET WinForms, C++STL, Multithreading, Team Foundation Server, SQL Server 2005. Roles/ Responsibilities  Tech Lead (Team Size: 3)  Involved in maintenance of Complex project.  Bug Fixings and Troubleshooting.  Mentoring Team members on C# language.  Used Team Foundation Server for source safe. Client Countrywide Financial Coporation, Lx, USA. Description Beretta was developed over time by Corporate Accounting to provide Home loan pricing for CMD, WLD and FSL divisions. Beretta also became the main vehicle for capturing the pricing economics from a managerial perspective for these three divisions. Beretta is used to keep track of changes in pricing policy, both from a divisional and corporate perspective. The divisions relay heavily on Beretta to provide them necessary loan economics or pricing and
  • 5. Natraj Mustoori they value the data and surrounding services. 6. Credit Cards – Customer care Desktop Applications Duration: 2004 Aug – Feb 2005. Languages / Tools C++/STL, Data structures and Algorithms, OOAD Roles/ Responsibilities  Involved in maintenance of project.  Bug Fixing and Troubleshooting.  Followed CMM Level 5 standards by documenting every process in the project.  Responsible for Internal and External Quality audits as part of CMM Level 5. Client Citi Card, Irving, TX-USA. Description Credit Cards – customer is a windows based Application to Provision and maintain the customer care for Citi credit Cards. It supports flexible and automation of customer call, it contain 5 different application UCSS,IWS, JWS, RPLID, TSYSID.

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