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  • 1. [INC 281 MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP WEEKLY REPORT] April 20, 2012 Name-Surname Nattawat Boonmee Student ID. 54261511 Group Name IS (Water Heater) Engineering Team Nut, Love, Go, Jum-o, Tew, Jane, Best, Su and Not. Members Product Design Sa-tang, Ped, Fon, Tip, Earng, Mind Team MembersWeekly Progress My project is Water Heater, I was responsible for most of microcontroller. Principle of operation of the MCU reads data from the water flow sensor is then processed to determine the amount of water. Water flow sensor Model:POW110D3B Flow rate range 1-30 Liters/min, Pulse frequency (Hz) in Horizontal Test= 7.5Q, Q is flow rate in L/min. (Results in +/- 3% range) So the program. The value of the pulse sent by the water flow sensor to calculate the formula (Frequency / 7.5) / 6 to replace the unit. Liters/10 seconds. By reading every 1 second will be on the average of all readings to 10 times, which takes10 seconds. Microcontroller will read every one second. Over time, 10 seconds to take the reading.The average value of the water storage volume. The display are expressed as seven step(1 Step = 10liters). Water data storage will be compared in order to control all 10 step display. The current I / O port is sent to the Diaply at 20 mA per Port. Mircocontroller that the AVR ATMEGA8A 8-bit Microcontroller, Two 8-bit Timer/Counters and One 16-bit Timer/Counter, 23 Programmable I/O Lines, Operating 2.7-5.5 Volts. The mcu can be used to measure the frequency and control the display Design. Figure 1. Project board MCU Figure 2. Schematic MicrocontrollerEngineering AnalysisStrong Point- Microcontroller circuit can actually work.- Microcontroller can process data from the Sensor correctly and accurately.Week Point-The circuit can be tested with the LED driver, but there are some sectors that are not tested.Next Week Job-Next week, I will Schematic to PCB to be assembled on the water heater. Department of Control System and Instrumentation Engineering KING MONGKUT’s UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY THONBURI

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