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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. PreserFood TM®/CURED SAFE ALTERNATIVE TO NITRITES Another ND Pharma & Biotech Innovation There are a variety of foodstuffs susceptible of develop Clostridium Botulinim, Clostridium Perfringens, and other reactive and resistant species, including some enterotoxins and other microorganisms. Till now the only alternative was the use of nitrates, nitrites and other nitrificant substances.PreserFood TM®/CURED PreserFood TM® is the innovative safe CUREDalternative to the use of nitrates The use of this formula and its composition is subject to different legislation in different parts of TheThe growth of Clostridium Botulinum and the formation of enterotoxins food products is inhibited by adding to the food products an effective In the US all of the componentsamount of a compound selected from the group consisting of SHP acid are declared and classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized asand its non-toxic water-soluble salts. Such additives may be present in SAFE) by the FDA, as it´s statedcombination with other organic salts and some other organic acids, as in HHS S 184.1763 for SHP andper in our exclusive patented formula 172.812 for AAA.With this formula, the undesirable use of nitrate, nitrite and other No difference found against the nitrite-containing foodstuffs over anitrosamine production substances is avoided, with satisfactory results double-blinded test the bacterial inhibition and great results in the natural final No differences in plate cell counterproperties of foodstuffs processed with this composition. against the same raw materials nitrite-added.The formula, a combination of substances recognized as GRAS byFDA is enriching foodstuffs with some building-block nutrients and 98´9% Satisfaction rate betweeningredients as well as producing a real and tasteful improvement in the food processors in terms of flavor, color and stability of processedfood safety and preservation of such foodstuffs where the formula is foods.added. Formula adapted to elaboration of CURED foodstuffs with some advantages: complete elimination of nitrites, more resistance to the production of enterotoxins specifically those derived from Clostridium, B.Subtilis, B. Cereus, and analogues.
  • 2. PreserFood TM® CURED Winter 2011 ND Pharma & Biotech Quality Food & Nutrition This product has particular application to the processing of baby foods and infant formulas wherein the hazards of botulism are believed to be particularly great due to the small body weight of the baby and the lack of flora in the lower gut. The addition of an effective amount, (3-10 grams/kilogram) of this formula that is clinically tested to such food products (generally carbohydrate rich) will inhibit the growth of Clostridium botulinum and the formation of enterotoxins. The total formula application, in combination with an According to data from the Center for adequate pH control of the processed foods, will provide of a Disease Control, at least 139 cases of infant greater food safety, protection and a nutrient enriched foods, botulism have been identified in the United when nitrates, nitrites and nitrosamine production substances States in the last 25 years. As a result of concern by the Food and Drug are totally absent, with the additional gain in health and long Administration over findings attributing term impact on health of such substances is not a danger or infant botulism to some infant foods, with threat. some suspected products, the Food and Drug Administration selected several categories of infant foods for analysis. The products investigated included dry cereals, commercially canned fruits, commercially canned fruit juice, fresh cooked carrots, honey, corn syrup, dry commercial baby formulas, regular cows milk, nonfat milk and sugar. We help processors in different parts of the world in the fight of these problems, helpingND Pharma & Biotech – North America to attain higher levels of Food Safety and Quality Nutrition, enhancing the nutritionalWant more info? value of foodstuffs, its safety and protection against bacterial contamination, spoilage Write us to: and human health consequences, in a safe and natural manner. PreserFood TM®/CURED, the mark, logos and variations on original PreserFood Tm® have all rights reserved. ©ND Pharma & Biotech, Ltd. ND Pharma & Biotech is a whole subsidiary of ND Innovation and ND Innovation Unit Trust (J) UK. Violation of Rights will be prosecuted under US and international IP and copyright agreements applicable. ND Pharma & Biotech operates in different countries (Europe, Asia & North America) ND Pharma & Biotech Making Life Better

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