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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. PreserFood TM®/Wine THE SAFE AND NATURAL SOLUTION Another ND Pharma & Biotech Innovation Wines are very keen to develop a number of degrading and potentially toxic bacteria from Gram Positive to Gram Negative including a number of SLAWB (Specific Lactic Acid Wine Bacteria). PreserFood TM®/ Wine special design fights against those kind of bacteria in grapejuice, stored and bottled wines, in an effective, safely and natural manner. PreserFood TM®/Wine PreserFood TM®The innovative safe alternative to chemicals WINE for wine production. The use of this formula and its composition is subject to differentThe growth of Lactic Acid bacteria, as well as others like Oenococcus, legislation in different parts of The World.Pediococcus or even Brettanomyces, and the formation of enterotoxins inslow or stopped wines and wine products is inhibited by adding to these In the US all of the components areproducts an effective amount of a compound selected from the group declared and classified as GRAS (Generallyconsisting of chemical acids and inorganic components generally from the Recognized as SAFE) by the FDA. WithinPHS family. the EU all components are considered “clean label” as nutrients, ingredients andNow, producers have the alternative of use organic components, non-toxic, or amino-acids and analogue substanceshealthy and its lesser-toxic water-soluble salts. Such additives may be added to foodstuffs (EU Reg. 1925/2006present in combination with other organic salts and some other organic and 1926/2006)acids, as per in our exclusive patented formula, commercialized asPreserFood TM®/WINE No difference found against the sulphite- containing foodstuffs over a double-With this formula, the undesirable use of sulphates, sulphites and other blinded test population.sulphurose production substances is avoided, with satisfactory results in thebacterial inhibition and exceptional outcomes in the natural final properties No differences in plate cell counter againstof processed wines with this composition. the same raw materials sulphur-added.Our unique formula, is a combination of substances recognized as GRAS by 98´9% Satisfaction rate attained betweenFDA and authorized worldwide as safe nutrients enriching foodstuffs with food processors in terms of flavor, colorsome building-block amino-acids and ingredients as well as producing a and stability of final product.real and tasteful improvement in the final product as well as safety andpreservation of such beverages where the formula is added. Formula adapted to elaboration of wines with some advantages: complete elimination of sulphur, more resistance to the production of enterotoxins specifically those derived from Gram -, Lactic Acid Bacteria, molds, and analogues.
  • 2. PreserFood TM® WINE SPRING 2012 ND Pharma & Biotech How our formula works?From the moment of addition, the enzymes and other special and uniquecomponents of PreserFood TM / wine, develop a process with sequentialphases, so in some minutes, the enzymatic components react against thebacterial ability to synthesize peptidoglycans (essential to build up theirprotective membrane and defensive shield) and subsequently, the buildingblock selective amino-acid components of the formula, broke up the bacterialcell and exert the inner content to the exterior transforming the main bacterialpopulation in small organic parts with less or none biological activity, socontrary to other killing products, impeding the bacteria to enter in adecomposing process within the wine. According to data from the Center for Disease Control in the United States, andThis represent a great advantage in comparison with other existing products FDA published materials, almost 85% ofthat are limited in effect and indications, especially those formulated relying on wine and wine products commercializedjust enzymatic components as lysozymes, that for instance in red wine contain in different proportions Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria,preparation, get its activity considerably reduced as per the phenolic including other wine sensitive ascomponents of wine reduce the activity and effect of such components, (quite Oenococcus Oeni, Pediococcus sp andexpensive in other hand), meanwhile such formulations destroy stability of multiple species of Lactobacilus sp.white wines, that may need other additives as bentonite (absorbent aluminum Other microorganisms as Brettanomyces orphyllosilicate) to gain stability, knowing that bentonite inactivates enzymes. Protomyces and analogues completely destroy wine storages throughout alterationOur unique product and formula, combine the natural bacterial killing power of of its organoleptic properties. Ourbuilding-block amino acids, that are considered nutrients with some of the company, leader in Research and Development of natural componentnatural components present in wine during the formation period, creating a ingredient formulas with applicationssynergistic effect that potentiate the natural cell growth control and bacterial against these microorganisms and other ways of preserving foods form spoilage andreproduction and lifecycle, without other inconveniences as pigmentation bacteria with simple use of healthychanges, discoloration, and other undesirable effects in a cost-effective formulas, became concerned with thismanner, avoiding chemical and inorganic substances employed in wine industrial sector, since some of our products reached top levels of success and highindustry, that despite authorized by regulators, are potentially dangerous for rates of satisfaction from producers of somehuman health. special sensitive industries as “milk and dairy” or “fisheries”.This is why our product is call to be market leader, also in Wine industry,having account the weight of this industrial sector to the economy and the So we´ve dedicated some efforts and innovative talent from our leadingmodern times where all we are looking for “clean label” products, therefore researchers to present to the industry andquality ones. producers with a totally new, safe and effective product, that can be used without any restriction in every step of wine production from grape to the bottle, as appropriate and indicated. Safety and Quality Nutrition improvement enhancing the nutritional value of foodstuffs, its safety and protection against bacterial contamination, spoilage and human health consequences, in a safe and natural manner. This is why we work. Because we believe in you,...We Do Science for You! PreserFood TM®/ WINE, the mark, logos and variations on original PreserFood Tm® have all ND Pharma & Biotech rights reserved. ©ND Pharma & Biotech, Ltd. ND Pharma & Biotech is a whole subsidiary of ND Innovation and ND Innovation Unit Trust (J) UK. Violation of Rights will be prosecuted under US and international IP and copyright agreements applicable. ND Pharma & Biotech operates in different countries (Europe, Asia & North America) Making Life Better

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