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Vents within a new build data
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Pressure vent installation 200515

Another successfully completed installation of our fire rated pressure vents, louvres & security grilles. All completed within programme on a high profile project.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pressure vent installation 200515

  • 1. Project To design, manufacture, install & commission Pressure Relief Vents within a new build data suites & associated rooms. System Components 4 off PV500, 3 off SC500, 3 off DL500 5 off PV700, 2 off SC700, 2 off DL700 1 off PV1000, 1 off SC1000, 1 off DL100 Design Considerations The main issue on this project was that some of the rooms had to be cascade vented, the programme was extremely tight and the weather louvres had to be colour matched. Contact E W T 01732 652025 We were asked to design, supply, install and com- mission a number of pressure vents, security grilles and weather louvres for a new build/ refurbished datacentre and associated rooms. The programme was extremely tight and there had to be a lot of co-ordination with other trades due to the time constraints. As a global leader in pressure venting we have over 30 years experience in developing pressure venting & associated products to many different markets globally. Our product line up consists of the following Pressure, Blast & Air Sta- bilisation Vents, Fire Dampers, Window Actuators, Leak Detection, Facility Monitoring Equipment, Ventilation Prod- ucts and Smoke Control Systems. If you want a further look at our products please look at our website or please call. The installation was challenge due to the number of trades on site and the programme re- quirements. All site precautions were taken as you would expect from a site of this nature. Also a team of engineers was utilised who had worked in these types of environments and had an exemplary record. The weather louvres had to be colour matched to the existing colour of the façade which is a service that we are able to offer for our clients at a small addi- tional charge. Within some of the units we also fitted an internal security grille 700mm x 700mm Inert Pressure Vent used for Cascade Venting 3 off 700mm x 700mm Inert External Weather Louvre UK Manufactured & Tested with UK held stock of our standard sizes 500mm x 500mm Inert Pressure Vent The installers were pleased to use our PV700 vent as we have widened the flanges to 100mm to help with the installation as these vents weigh approximately 30 kg’s. The size of flanges help with moving the product into position and also finding a suitable fixing as they have additional holes. In Partnership with one of our approved installers

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