1 12595 Release to Rev 1. No changes. ML 080929
2 13622 U603 chan...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pop 20589-001 rev4-verizon.pdf_func=doc

  • 1. 6 5 4 3 2REVISIONS 1 REV ECN DESCRIPTION DFTS DATE 1 12595 Release to Rev 1. No changes. ML 080929 2 13622 U603 change to PRG-23148-001 EHS 081217 o rg a SW_SHIFT_R SW_RET SW_M SW_K D1006 D1005 c s SW_SPACE SW_B SW_V D1010 SW_D SW_X SW_0 C1075 SW_C SW_F D1008 SW_Z SW_ALT SW_SHIFT_L B RESEARCH IN MOTION . WATERLOO, ONTARIO CANADA PH:(519) 888-7465, FAX: (519) 883-4997 COPYRIGHT 2007 PCB ASSEMBLY VIEWED FROM PRIMARY SIDE TITLE PRINTED WIRING BOARD JUPITER RIM CONFIDENTIAL REV 4 A DWG. NO. POP-20589-001 NOTES: 1. ACCEPTABILITY OF ASSEMBLY TO MEET IPC 610 (LATEST ISSUE), CLASS 2. 2. THE SOLDER AND ASSEMBLY PROCESS SHALL COMPLY WITH DIRECTIVE 2005/95/EC (ROHS) AND RIM ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS i h T 6 5 4 C SW_S SW_A SW_W D1009 m o SW_SEND p o D1007 SW_G SW_T SW_R SW_E ir SW_Q S1101 fr y SW_H U1015 SW_Y D1048 SW1 U1014 008 C1081 D1047 C1074 D1050 U1012 SW_BROWSE C1260 B a w a D1046 C1080 D10 40 TP617 U1013 TP708 TP710 TP706 TP707 TP917 TP916 D1045 C1079 D1049 C1082 R1269 L1206 C1076 SW_U SW_J SW_ESC SW_N SW_I TP825 TP705 TP709 TP811 TP712 TP618 SP1201 D1206 C1083 D1044 C1078 m n SW_SYM SW_L SW_SPK SW_P SW_END SW_O L1015 Q1001 D1038 C1059 D1037 C1037 C1039 C1041 D1011 C1038 C1040 D1207 L1207 R1032 C1261C1036R1028 L1011 D1039 R1270 C A o n D SW_DEL D 3 APPROVALS DATE DRAWN BY P.LAPOINTE 09.11.27 SIZE 2 NTS A SHEET 1 OF 2 MENTOR CADFILE 1
  • 2. D C B A 6 NOTES: 1. FOLLOW MANUFACTURER'S GUIDELINES WHEN SOLDERING AND . REPLACING C916. DO NOT OVERHEAT. DISCHARGE BEFORE REWORK. SEE NOTE #1 C612 TP901 TP711 TP915 4 C826 C902 R1248 C703 R1251 C602 C618 C659 C1282C1272 R1066 C1054 D1033 D1034 SW1004 C1051 R1065 3 Code L1401 R1203 C1296 R1273 R1274 C1297 BC901 C1414 C1421 R1429 C1420 SH6 MIC1201 D12 01 C1286 C1287 C940 C1085 SH7 C1416 R911 R918 D906 L901 R938 C928 C925C924 Q906 C929 L904 C941 R924 R926 R937 C918 R919 D907C930 R1421 U1409 C1405 C908 C1406R1420 C1404 C1415 L1402 U906 U1410 C1417 R12 55 C938 2 POS BC902 D12 08 U211 SH5 C1086 5 U909 R1062 R262 C287 C413 C221 R209C293 R261 C417 R211 C1401C289 R260 U218 R417 C284 C1411 R1423 C233 C203 C285 U210 R251 R243 C296 R1426 FL202 U208 R250 C1412 C263 C205 C437 NEG L225 C298 L224 BC903 C299 C206 C211 C627 L601 L602 C939 L239 L1203 R1262 C1262 C614 FL207 SW201 FL209 C601 C605 C663 C649 C650 C639 C661 C624 C626 C1290+ R1254 C821 C828 C838 C837 R848 C878 C874 X801 C1278 C877 C1281 C866 R1246 R1247 L1107 L802 R825 C871 R1050 C883 C844 R1052C1134 C811 C830 R1265 R1053L1111 R1266C809 R1051C1124 C831 R1049L1115 L1105 C884 C867 C813 C1103C1156 C1123 R1045 C802 L803 R964 C812 C1104 R941 C804 C881 R961 R962 R829 C849 U1106 C1112 Q910 C806 Q912 R947 C1033 Code U1017 C1072 R960 Code Q911 R969 R939 C1077 L1016 C933 C931 U1011 D1043 D1042 C822 1 FL205 FL208 R1249 U910 R718 R726 R731 R714 C638 R716C705L1212C1275C704 R712 R711 C1288 R257 R256 R246 C281 R249 C282 R245 U212 C292 R248 R258 C283 R247 C1413 R1427 R254 R1424 CODE C222 C1419 U1402 C288 R1422 R1425 U214 C279 U1009 R252 R259 U216 C1408 U1408 L410 FL401 R416 C439 R414 C1407 C278 C295 R217 FL201 U217 R242 L415 C1418 C201 FL402 L413 R415 C280 FL204 R244 C236 R216 C238 R202 U203 S1001 U215 C286 L412 TP913 R1245 R1272 C1224 C1273 PF1005 C915 C927 R929 C1289 + C819TP912 C842 L1202 R1271 R1253 C865 U907 C841 C880 C872 R1038 R708 L905 R1060 C934 U908 C873 R1059 U801 C879 C658 C836 Q909 C648 TP826 C919 R940 R849 R710 TP815 C640 TP813 R946 R963 R827 C660 C653 Q907 U802 C654 R968 C1035 C1121 C1122 C932 R1250 Q908 D1017 U1105 C1125 R945 C1062C1061 U1202 R965 L903 L1014L1013 L1116 R1104 C1084 L1017 C1280 C1279C1277 C1073 R1267 R1268 U1101 C1032 R325 C368 R331 C367 C357 L346 L333 C344 C354 C372 C371 L1008 L1001 C235 C208 C341 m n TP914 R1252 C1283 C1276 a w a R719 ir R303 R328 R3 32 06 L313 L3L316 L347 1 L301 C304 D1001 C207 R226 U602 R725 C657 R723 R720 R717 D702 L9 L33 338 C345 L307 7 L343 30 L902 TP203 TITLE RIM TP201 APPROVALS DATE A DWG. NO. DRAWN BY P.LAPOINTE 09.11.27 SIZE NTS 2 m o fr R1061 R724 R508C1064R1041 C514 C430 C365 C364 C360 L327 FL 3 1 L320 L321 L319 L342 L340 L341 C935 R966 C652 C656 X601 R1257 R721 L1201 R1256 L1205 R722 R713 C516 C512 C511 C521 R512 PF1004 SW1002 L501 C515 C510 R504 C524 R507 R413 U504 C436 X501 L409 L407 L408 R506 C517 L1012 L405 CODE R509C1065 C518C1011 U503 C404 C405 C411 C412 L403 C522 R513 R1040 U1607 C331 L336 C363 L345 C347 C375 C376 C333 R324 R329 C362 L334 C378 C379 C361 L332 C380 FL310 R330 C305 C369 L302 C310 C370 U301 C313 C315 C314 C326 R1047 FL311 C323 C374 C318 C377 C373 R318 L344 L314 L310 C1012 C1063 C381 R302 C366 L303 L323 C302 L337 L304 R1048 C1205 C619 R715 C429 R402 C409 C427 C426 C428 C410 R410 C435 R412 C403 C401 R401 R409 L401 L404 D1023 C1003C1028 C936 R1258 C359 L335 L348 C402 C434 C431 C432 C415 C416 C1060 R1044 R1043 D1025R1064 J901 D908 C926 FL901 U603 C637 C643 TP602 L236 R263 C204 L237 4 C628 C641 C651 R734 C644 R709 C647 C645 R729 C702 C613 C615 C636 C633 C635 C632 C631 C634 R601 C662 C642 C646 C625 D703 L240 C210 R201 C202 R205 L241 C223 L238 U207 D701 R727 R1602 R1601 TP1511 FL210 C209 SH9 R1202 J601 C1132 D1205 L1109 C1274 C1133 C1053 D1202 D1032 TP1512 R602 R604 C610 C611 R603 C213 L242 C212 PF1002 SW1007 SH1302 D1111 SH8 L1214 PF1006 R1604 o rg a S1201 PF1007 C1263 D1204 SW202 C1069 C1162C1142C1141 C1107 R1109 C937 C1050 D1031 C1201 C1254 L1210 C1255 L1211D1203 R1259 PF1003 C1626 L1602 L1120 L1110 C1150 L1123 C1105 L1122 R1107 D1027 C1066 C1108 C294 SW1003 C1627 C1713C1705C1706 C1709R1701 C1703C1704 PF1001 SW1006 U1107 C1137 C916 C1155 D1108 C1629 D1602 L1106 C1157 R967 C1067 SH1301 TP1101 L229 1 RESEARCH IN MOTION . WATERLOO, ONTARIO CANADA PH:(519) 888-7465, FAX: (519) 883-4997 COPYRIGHT 2007 PRINTED WIRING BOARD JUPITER CONFIDENTIAL REV 4 POP-20589-001 SHEET 2 OF 2 D C B A 1 MENTOR CADFILE y p o R1110 C1106 J1202 L1208 R1063 D1030 D1029 C1068 U1104 D1209 C1284 C1161 L1121 PCB ASSEMBLY VIEWED FROM SECONDARY SIDE 5 D1028 J1203 R850 R1263 C1102L1102 C1101 L1101 L1108 L1104L1103 L1119 C1129 C1625 R1605 C1634 C1633 C1285 D1210 C882 R1264L1209 OPEN 6 i h c s C1628 D1601 C1130 C1131 U1604 U1603 C1111 J1601 C1605 C1603 L1601 R1603 J1602 C1623 R1260C1292 C1153 TP1708 TP1709 C1110C1624C1631C1632C1630 C713 C1295 C1291 TP1703 TP1707 R728 R1261C1294 U1203 R1704C1293 TP1705 C1712 TP1706 R1702C1711 C1701 C1708 U1703 TP1701 U1702 TP1704 C1710 U1701 C1714 TP1702 R1703C1702 C1707 U1704 U1602

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