Title: Water Feature Company Providing Total-Sensory HealingIntroduction: Ocean Water Features provides skin care centre w...
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Water Feature company providing total sensory healing

Sensory Healing with the use of water features.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Title: Water Feature Company Providing Total-Sensory HealingIntroduction: Ocean Water Features provides skin care centre with soothing water features to helpclients relax during treatment.Blackburn based Ocean Water Features is helping patients at the Aqua Skin Care centre in St. Ivesrelax and recover whilst they undergo treatment. The Lancashire company provided the centre witha number of different soothing and relaxing features. Guests are benefitting from total sensoryrelaxation, helping them feel at ease with the treatment that they are receiving.Bubble Walls were added throughouta number of rooms in the centre to help improve the aura andsense of relaxation throughout the building. Guests can enjoy the elegant ballet of the liquid orbssilently and majestically glide around them. The walls can be customised to allow for differentcolours and hues to be emitted creating different sensations. Different colours evoke a rainbow ofemotions in patients so are carefully chosen to effectively aide relaxation and recovery.The Bubble Walls also serve to distract the guests from often daunting treatments and allows themto concentrate on something painless and natural. Following the path and flight of bubbles can allaythe fears within.Bubbles penetrate a simplistic and natural part of our psyche that has been prevalent sincechildhood. The inoffensive and unpredictable nature of bubbles capture imaginations wherever theyfloat. The surface of bubbles billow in and out as they move defying simple logic and reason; addingto the splendour of their existence.Modern holistic therapy techniques stress the importance of relaxation upon the healing process.Without our minds being relaxed and concentrated on the healing process, it cannot completelyaccept the therapy or treatment that it is undergoing.Water has long played a significant role in the psychological welfare of human beings. Waterfalls andfountains have been used in the art of relaxation for thousands and thousands of years. The firstrecorded fountain was built in approximately 2000BC in in the ancient Sumerian city of Lagash (nowmodern day Iraq) and have been present in all of the great ancient civilisations. The Chinese andJapanese famously draw inspiration from water features, both natural and man-made.Ocean Water Features are harnessing the ancient and timeless belief that water has deep, effectivebenefits on everybody’s psychological and physiological welfare. They provide a range of productsand services such as Bubble Tubes, Bubble Walls, Water Panels and many more. Their products havebeen used in a wide range of different mediums and venues such as spas, restaurants, bars, hotelsand shops.

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