7 Bombarding Questions to Ask Wedding Venues in PretoriaNow that you´re about to tie the knot in one of the best Pretoria ...
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Pretoria wedding venues

This file talks about professional wedding venues in Pretoria.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. 7 Bombarding Questions to Ask Wedding Venues in PretoriaNow that you´re about to tie the knot in one of the best Pretoria wedding venues, you should beasking certain questions from the host of the venue. You shouldn´t be letting time pass bywithout having those most important questions out of your mouth. To get started, check out thesetop questions to ask your venue host.1. Who´s the director of the place? You should ask who the man behind the location is, or elseyou might be lost along the way for not asking. You should talk to him in person to check on hislist of responsibilities and duties in the place. Before you sign the wedding venues in Pretoriacontract, you should be asking whether the facility administrator is paid by the owner of thevenue or you.2. Will they provide the shuttle service? There are some wedding venues in Pretoria that providea shuttle service to and from the destination. You will have to make sure of this so that youwould know if you need to rent your very own shuttle to accommodate your guests.3. What time shall you leave the venue? You should have a timeline on when to leave weddingvenues in Pretoria or else you might need to pay extra for the spare time you stay in the facility.If you would overstay, you might be charged at least $500 per hour.4. Do they impose a service charge? There are some wedding venues in Pretoria that mightcharge for their service. If this is the case, then you should know how much to settle to avoidunpleasant surprises. To give you an idea, you might need to pay about 20 percent of your billfor the food and drinks. You can also ask about tipping policies. Usually, hosted venues don´tneed tips. Nonetheless, you should still ask for tipping rules. 5. Should you use their vendors? There are some wedding venues in Pretoria that implementsuch a rule that says that you should use their florists or caterers when using their place.However, sometimes it is too much to pay that the services of their florists and caterers are ontop of your expected spending for these aspects.6. Do the wedding venues in Pretoria allow open flames and alcohol? There are venues to acceptalcohol and wine consumption while there are others that do not. Therefore, you should knowabout this policy right then and there about this to avoid embarrassment.7. What about the wedding set? Should you be hiring your very own constructor of the set or thevenue will provide it? There are venues that can handle this for a cost. However, if your weddingwould be outdoors as in a garden for instance, you might need help from florists and caterers tolend a hand.Visit this link to learn more information about wedding venues. There you have the sevenimportant questions to ask a venue host. No matter where you plan to hold the event, you shouldknow what to expect from the venue. You should know certain policies to figure out where youstand. Check out more questions to ask from wedding venues in Pretoria hosts.

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