Press Kit: ​January 19, 2016 
Topics​: Web­based communications, WebRTC, new services for telcos, multi­device communicati...
A visit to the Quobis booth is recommended for press delegate. Three demos with different use cases ...
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Press Kit Quobis MWC16

Dossier de prensa de Quobis, una de las empresas participantes en el Pabellón de España del Mobile World Congress 2016
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Kit Quobis MWC16

  • 1. Press Kit: ​January 19, 2016  Topics​: Web­based communications, WebRTC, new services for telcos, multi­device communications    Quobis at Mobile World Congress 2016        The usage of web applications in increasing and WebRTC is called to be a game­changing technology as browser                                    are able to support real­time communications. Microsoft Skype, Mozilla Firefox and Google Hangout are using this                                to create new services. Quobis, as one of the leaders in the standardization of the technology and the company                                      that is behind of some the most relevant use cases, will be showcasing how WebRTC can be used by telcos,                                        service providers and enterprises to improve user experience and generate new revenue streams.    Press Release: January 15, 2016 ​Quobis sponsors open WebRTC meetup at UPF Barcelona​.     Press Release: January 19, 2016 ​Quobis to showcase at MWC    More information to be released in the next days.       QUOBIS AT THE MWC      Quobis' booth (#CS60, ​booth 2​, Spanish Pavilion) will showcase "​Sippo                    WebRTC Application Controller​" to service providers and network                equipment vendors, showing them how to introduce new value­added                  WebRTC services to their residential and corporate customers, hiding                  the complexity behind the different implementation of the standards by                    web browsers and gateway vendors and providing a complete set of                      APIs to manage AAA, user provisioning, contact management, policy                  control and other features.     OPEN AND NETWORKING EVENTS  ● Monday 8.30 PM: ​Running at MWC​. Barceloneta. Registration                needed (ask for your discount code). ​Register here:      ­running­tour­barcelona­tickets­ 19848824368    ● Tuesday 11.00 AM ​Press conference​: Extending            communication services to the web. Conference room CS60.                Meeting point 10.55 AM at Quobis booth. Focus on ​Press                    delegates. Registration needed (see below)    ● Tuesday 6.00 PM: ​WebRTC meetup​. Poblenou campus              Auditorium. Bus available upon request from Fira at 5PM.                  Register here:​      ● Wednesday 8.00 PM: ​Cocktails & friends​. Collage Cocktail                bar. Crr/ Consellers 4. Free event. ​Register here​:      ­friends­quobis­mwc­registr ation­20843857539
  • 2. VISITING THE BOOTH    A visit to the Quobis booth is recommended for press delegate. Three demos with different use cases of WebRTC will be  available:    DEMO 1:  Improving customer care experience    Using the example of a person that wants to arrange some details for his/her wedding, we will use Sippo Click to Call as a                                                customer care tool. Here we’ll learn how easy is to integrate web communication tools in existing web pages and how Sippo                                          Web Collaborator can be used as an agent tool. Contextual information is really helpful. We’ll use this twice (first to know                                          which is the language of the anonymous caller, second how we can retrieve the information from the previous call).                                      Advanced collaboration tools will be showed here like form sharing, whiteboard, and PDF sharing. Agent notification and                                  presence will play also a relevant role in this demo.    DEMO 2:  Validation of new customer    Imagine you want to open a bank account skipping the visit to the office. Using WebRTC we’ll show how a user accessing a                                              site from the mobile device can send personal information (including a picture of the national ID card), make a video call with                                            a agent and get the ID validated after call is recorded. We’ll show also the call forking feature, that makes possible to                                            upgrade traditional voice calls (using the existing call center platform) info collaboration and video. Finally we’ll use meetings                                    feature to arrange a meeting with the new personal agent.    DEMO 3:  Boosting new ways to communicate    Using the example of a group of friends and a football match on TV we will showcase how                                    it’s really easy to use WebRTC to give access to a multiconference room to different users                                from different devices while sharing a streaming of a video. A group chat service will be                                available, together with push notifications to notify users on incoming messages of the                          group of friends. The demo will end with an introduction of the social TV concept using                                WebRTC.      ABOUT QUOBIS    Quobis is a leading European company in the delivery of carrier­class unified communication solutions with a special focus                                    on security, interoperability and identity management for service providers and enterprises. Quobis is headquartered in Vigo,                                Spain with partners throughout the world.    Quobis is well­known as one of the leaders in the deployment of WebRTC technology after being involved in the                                      industry­firsts implementations in more than 40 countries, including most of the top 20 telcos worldwide, using Sippo                                  WebRTC Application Controllers and its applications to extend services to the web.         REQUEST A MEETING OR INTERVIEW AT THE MWC      Yudani Riobó is Head of Global Alliances of Quobis. She will be available to introduce the activities of the                                      company, demos of the solutions that Quobis is showcasing and providing additional information to all                              the press delegates.     Please, book a time slot in advance writing to ​​ or dialing +34 986 911 644.    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION    Press releases, product images, company images, Video with demos, brochures, data sheets, white papers, executive                              biographies and photos and additional links are available at ​

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