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Genetic Disorder
Rubric for the written paper.- Due February 16
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Genetic Disorder
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NAME:_Total project DUE:_

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NAME:____________________ Total project DUE:___________ DATE:____________________ PERIOD:__________________ Genetic Disorder Project Purpose: One of the largest scientific investigations is how we as humans can be healthy and continue to be healthy throughout our lives. The most money in scientific research is spent investigating in the medical field. The human genome project is constantly being refined and we still continue to learn more and more about the field of genetics. This project’s focus is to familiarize one’s self with a genetic disorder, for deeper understanding and tolerance to those who might have this genetic disorder. What is a Genetic Disorder? : Both environmental and genetic factors have roles in the development of any disease. A genetic disorder is a disease caused by abnormalities in an individual’s genetic material (genome). #disorders Elements: • Choose a Genetic Disorder. • Create a bibliography (for the resources and information you looked up) • Number the lines of your project so that they can be easily to reference. For Example, “In line 56 of your paper in appendix A, it says…” • Do not cut and paste from your references. This is plagiarism and points will be deducted. Paraphrase, cite the reference, and add the reference to your bibliography. • Follow the following list of features of genetic disorders to make sure that your project meets all of the requirements that this project must have: a. Explanation of disorder b. Causes. c. Symptoms d. Treatments, Prevention, Cure (or possibility of) e. What a “day in the life…” is like for someone who has the disorder. f. Conclusion: Your opinion counts. • Make sure you have a concluding statement at the end of your report. • Papers should be 2-5 pages long, double spaced, and use font size 12, and Times New Roman font. Research information sources and websites have to be listed on a separate page and do count to the total number of pages • Present a summary of your paper on an 3x5 card to your classmates. Page 1
  • 2. Genetic Disorder Rubric for the written paper.- Due February 16 Parts of the 0pts 5pts 10pt 15pts 20pts Report Well Not Formed but Formed, Description of Formed but Formed with formed difficult to has all of Disorder not relevant minor errors understand the listed features. Organization Organized, Some was but difficult organization, Well Organization Chaos attempted to but organized but failed. understand incomplete Not Some Mostly relevant Relevant, Relevant Relevance of relevance relevant, or mostly and resources and some mostly reliable reliability reliable (Bibliography) reliability of reliable in sources sources. sources sources sources Some Relevant relevant but Relevant but Relevant and and Appropriate Not not not mostly consistent conclusion relevant consistent satisfactorily consistent with with addressed with research research research Score Minimum score 0 Maximum score: 80 Rubric for Class presentation Category Point score Speaks clearly. 5pts Speaks to audience 5pts (doesn’t just read an index card) Prepared index card. 5pt Audience participation. 5pts (Claps, asks appropriate questions) SCORE: Minimum Score 0 Maximum Score 20 Page 2
  • 3. Genetic Disorder Flow Chart Schedule Teacher craft the task and task November 23 requirements Points: 0 Teacher Brief students about the task December 11th Points: 0 Students select a genetic disorder Due: December 18th Points: 10 (Late=0) . Students define areas to research for 1 index card per school day, Index card information. inspections will be done the first day of the week for 3 weeks. Jan 4 5 cards- 5pts Jan 11 5 cards-5pts Jan 19 5cards-5pts Points: 15 total. Bibliography draft due January 20th (at least 5 resources) Bibliography of at least 5 resources points:75 total (late=0) Students examine information and January 20-27 organize it into a coherent draft. Points: 0 Teacher critiques students’ draft January 28-February8 Points:0, but valuable. Final Draft is due February 16 Points: 80pts (see rubric) 2 minute class presentation. February 16 -February 19 20pt total Break Down of how this project is scored Page 3
  • 4. Marking Period 2 Marking period 3 Select a genetic disorder: 10 points Final Draft: 80 possible points Index Cards: 15 points Class presentation: 20 possible points. Bibliography: 75 points Total for Marking period 2: 100points Total For Marking period 3:100points List of Genetic Disorders. <You are not limited to this list>> Disorder 22q11.2 deletion syndrome Angelman syndrome Canavan disease Celiac disease Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Color blindness Cri du chat Cystic fibrosis Down syndrome Duchenne muscular dystrophy Haemophilia Klinefelter's syndrome Neurofibromatosis Phenylketonuria Prader-Willi syndrome Sickle-cell disease Tay-Sachs disease Turner syndrome Page 4

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