Presen#ng  the  Value   Marke#ng  Automa#on  &  Your  Sales  Team  Presented  by:    Ka#  Newburg,  Tr...
Who  Am  I?    
Agenda    •  What  You’re  Up  Against  •  Benefits  of  Marke#ng  Automa#on  •  What  You  Can  Do  •  Findi...
What  You’re  Up  Against    •  Any  Habits  Die  Hard  •  Who  has  ;me  to  learn  more   soRware?  ...
?????????     So,  what  can  you  do???  
Benefits  of  Marke;ng  Automa;on  For  Non-­‐Marke;ng  Folk  (a.k.a.  Sales!)  
Lead  Qualifica;on    •  Score  as  a  measure  of  engagement  •  Grade  as  an  indicator  of  how  the  ...
Lead  Intelligence    Track  all  online  behaviors  •  Website,  email,  social  media  and  more    Put  ...
Lead  Intelligence    Allows  reps  to  profile  &  frame  the  conversa#on  He  a^ended  this  webinar…   ...
The  BoSom  Line  •  Marke#ng  Automa#on  will  help  you   (the  Marketer!)  provide  be#er  leads  •  Be^...
What  Else  Can  You  Do?  •  Listen  to  them  •  Involve  them  •  Inves#gate  integra#on    
Finding  Your  Advocate  How  one  sales  rep  can  be  your  best  friend  (or  best  weapon)  
Finding  Your  Advocate  •  Stubborn  sales  reps  or  too  many?  •  Approach  a  sales  rep  to  test  ...
Mantras  to  Keep  in  Mind  •  Be  Pa#ent  •  Be  Persistent    •  If  a  sales  rep  shows  i...
Mantras  to  Keep  in  Mind  •  Be  Pa#ent  •  Be  Persistent    •  If  a  sales  rep  shows  i...
Contact  Informa;on   Pardot  Ka;  Newburg   950  East  P...
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Presenting the Value - Marketing Automation & Your Sales Team

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Presenting the Value - Marketing Automation & Your Sales Team

  • 1. Presen#ng  the  Value   Marke#ng  Automa#on  &  Your  Sales  Team  Presented  by:    Ka#  Newburg,  Training  Coordinator,  Pardot  LLC  May  3,  2012
  • 2. Who  Am  I?
  • 3. Agenda    •  What  You’re  Up  Against  •  Benefits  of  Marke#ng  Automa#on  •  What  You  Can  Do  •  Finding  Your  Advocate  •  Mantras  to  Keep  in  Mind
  • 4. What  You’re  Up  Against    •  Any  Habits  Die  Hard  •  Who  has  ;me  to  learn  more   soRware?  •  The  process  in  place  already   works!  •  A  non-­‐sales  co-­‐worker  sugges#ng   changes  to  sales  process
  • 5. ?????????     So,  what  can  you  do???
  • 6. Benefits  of  Marke;ng  Automa;on  For  Non-­‐Marke;ng  Folk  (a.k.a.  Sales!)
  • 7. Lead  Qualifica;on    •  Score  as  a  measure  of  engagement  •  Grade  as  an  indicator  of  how  the  lead  fits   the  ideal  prospect  profile  •  Key  Ac;vity:   •  Form  Submission  (Free  Trial,  Request  a  Demo)   •  Whitepaper  (“How  Our  Company  will  Benefit  You!”)   •  Page  View  or  Site  Search  (Why  hello,  Pricing  Page)   •  Webinar  A^endance  (“Presen#ng  the  Value  of   Marke#ng  Automa#on  to  Your  Sales  Team”…   hmmm)  •  Or  a  combina;on  of  the  above!
  • 8. Lead  Intelligence    Track  all  online  behaviors  •  Website,  email,  social  media  and  more    Put  into  CRM  for  easy  viewing  for  sales…   Visits Page Views Google AdWords Google Keyword Searches Yahoo Keywords Site Searches Drip Nurturing Email Clicks Email Opens Email Link Clicks Webinar Responses Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Website Chats
  • 9. Lead  Intelligence    Allows  reps  to  profile  &  frame  the  conversa#on  He  a^ended  this  webinar…   Showed  interest  in   Viewed  these  2  product   these  white  papers…   pages  on  the  site…     And  searched  for   “pricing”  on  the  site.   Rock  on,  sales  rep.  Rock  on.
  • 10. The  BoSom  Line  •  Marke#ng  Automa#on  will  help  you   (the  Marketer!)  provide  be#er  leads  •  Be^er  leads  means  less  hassle  for   Sales  •  Focusing  on  leads  qualified  with  the   help  of  Marke#ng  Automa#on  will   mean  more  closed  deals  •  More  closed  deals  make  a  happy  Sales   Rep  (and  happy  company!)
  • 11. What  Else  Can  You  Do?  •  Listen  to  them  •  Involve  them  •  Inves#gate  integra#on
  • 12. Finding  Your  Advocate  How  one  sales  rep  can  be  your  best  friend  (or  best  weapon)
  • 13. Finding  Your  Advocate  •  Stubborn  sales  reps  or  too  many?  •  Approach  a  sales  rep  to  test  drive  process   •  Choose  a  friend  from  the  sales  team   •  Choose  someone  who  is  open  to  new   processes  •  Focus  on  making  one  sales  rep’s  job  easier  •  That  sales  rep  can  then  boast  to  his  sales   rep  friends  and  colleagues  the   awesomeness  of  Marke#ng  Automa#on
  • 14. Mantras  to  Keep  in  Mind  •  Be  Pa#ent  •  Be  Persistent    •  If  a  sales  rep  shows  interest,  indulge!  •  Focus  on  their  success  •  Focus  on  making  their  job  easier
  • 15. Mantras  to  Keep  in  Mind  •  Be  Pa#ent  •  Be  Persistent    •  If  a  sales  rep  shows  interest,  indulge!  •  Focus  on  their  success  •  Focus  on  making  their  job  easier
  • 16. Contact  Informa;on   Pardot  Ka;  Newburg   950  East  Paces  Ferry  Rd  Training  Coordinator   Suite  3300  Twi^er:  @Ka#_Newburg   Atlanta,  Georgia  30326  Email:  Email:       404.492.6845   877.3B2B.ROI
  • 17. Ques;ons?

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