Pastor Harvey Burnett ~
New Bethel COGIC 824 N. Duryea, Romeo B Garrett Ctr. Bradley Universit...
Pastor Harvey Burnett ~
New Bethel COGIC 824 N. Duryea, Romeo B Garrett Ctr. Bradley Universit...
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National Solidarity Sunday Agenda

Agenda from National Solidarity Sunday calling for reform of the criminal justice system and local police change in tactics and methods.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - National Solidarity Sunday Agenda

  • 1. Pastor Harvey Burnett ~ New Bethel COGIC 824 N. Duryea, Romeo B Garrett Ctr. Bradley University Peoria, IL. (309)550-6981 National Solidarity Sunday New Bethel COGIC 12-14-14 We stand in solidarity with the nation to say BLACK LIVES MATTER. Enclosed is the local agenda promoted by Supt. Harvey Burnett, the New Bethel COGIC, the Peoria Assn. of Pastors and other community groups which Pastor Burnett leads. 1- The quality and current condition of Black Lives matter as well. Therefore, we call upon business and social and political leaders to help create and develop sustainable economic opportunities whereby Black and poor minorities can be and become gainfully employed and a relevant part of the development of their communities. 2- The quality of communication, between authority and the community, matters, and must be enhanced: Therefore, we call on the police and other entities entrusted with the preservation of the public trust to create methods of communication and dialogue that are in the best interest of the entire community and that safeguard all citizens. We commend both citizens and authorities to be held accountable to following those established guidelines and standards, quickly fixing and redressing issues that arise. 3- The tactics of authorities must be improved and develpoped in accord with the community: We call on law enforcement at all levels to work with the community and community groups in developing strategies and tactics that best serve the public, fight crime and be of a benefit to all citizens. 4- We Believe That The Local Process Of Police Policing Themselves And The Use Of The Local Prosecutor Or States Attorney In The Cases Of Police Killing Is Ineffective And Ask For A Complete Overhaul In The Process Which Includes An Automatic Independent Review Of Each Occurrence In Which A Citizen Is Killed By A Law Enforcement Official. All around the country, in events such as those that took the life of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the public relies on the local States Attorney's office for Grand Jury assembly and due process. The States Attorney's office however is placed in an immediate position of conflict of
  • 2. Pastor Harvey Burnett ~ New Bethel COGIC 824 N. Duryea, Romeo B Garrett Ctr. Bradley University Peoria, IL. (309)550-6981 interest because that office regularly works with police in order to produce convictions against criminals. We believe that process should be changed immediately simply based on the "appearance" of conflict. We believe that legal review should be an "at arms length" process and regulated independent review appears to be the best way to create and maintain that type of relationship. 5- We believe that the community policing strategy of "broken windows" is a tragedy and must be done away with. We believe the the theory of "broken windows" leads to tragic incidents and standoffs between police and citizens. We believe that this failed theory has contributed to the mishandling of both innocent citizens and citizens such as Eric Garner allegedly engaged in certain low level crime or criminal activities. We believe that the "broken windows" strategy is a racist strategy at root and only leads to racial profiling. 6- We believe the courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, should backtrack historical decisions and reaffirm 4th Amendment protections for ALL citizens. The historically wild and fanciful interpretation of the courts at the recommendation of law enforcement has eroded American citizens 4th Amendments rights. A violation of 4th Amendment protections has led to excessive "stop and frisk" policies reinforcing practices of racial profiling that we see in departments and communities that embrace such theory. This must STOP! 7- Good and exceptional officers should be hailed for their values, efforts and commitments to their communities. We believe that police departments nationwide are filled with good police who respect and serve the public. We commend those good officers and leaders to stand forward, stand up, and reclaim their departments from associates who may have questionable tactics, methods and philosophies. EVERY life does matter. However, this is an emergency dealing with Black lives and the plight of Black America. When those entrusted with the security of the Black community then turn on that community because it is afraid of the community, then we have a problem. Hopefully this will be the beginning of change all across America on this and many other very important issues.

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