www.nastracgroup.comNastrac is a global executive search firm.The company was founded by leadingC-level and senior managem...
NASTRAC - Your Future Nastrac Group was founded have an in-depth meeting with in 1997. Initially the company ...
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Nastrac Group 2012

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. www.nastracgroup.comNastrac is a global executive search firm.The company was founded by leadingC-level and senior management executivesfrom l eading search firms as wel as lcorporates. The company endeavours towork in a highl consul y tative mannerto provide high l l evel eadership hiringsolutions to its clients.Executive Search Services Leading you in the right direction...For Cl ientsThe company was founded with senior professionalsfrom the technology and the banking industry. Havingworked on the other side of the table and conductedhiring for their individual businesses, we understandthe nuances of a successful hire. The process is an Outplacement & Coachingelaborate one, we spend time with the candidates Nastrac’s outplacement services are designed with care andto get to know them and to assess their work skills sensitivity. To ensure departure of employees is managedas well as personality traits so as to ensure the in a highly professional manner. The approach involvesrecommendation to our clients is well thought out and counselling, guidance, job search preparation and help withthe match is accurate. Candidates are referenced well finding new employment. We have different packages toand to ensure a long term association with our clients meet the varying needs of professionals of different levels,we take complete accountability during the process see how we can help your organisation make this difficultof the search as well as after. We take regular audits process more positive.of performance of our recommended candidates andalways encourage our clients to share open feedback tohelp us improve continuously to serve them better. Recruitment & Sel ection For Candidates Making your next career move can be quite stressful. You need an ideal search partner who understands your needs and finds you that ideal role via an extremely smooth and comfortable process. Our personalised approach ensures our consultants put themselves in your shoes and take every little detail into consideration to make this an extremely rewarding process for all concerned. Nastrac cares for Your Future. www.nastracgroup.com
  • 2. NASTRAC - Your Future Nastrac Group was founded have an in-depth meeting with in 1997. Initially the company one of the Directors. This will focused on technology sector and help establish the skills of the had offices in India, UK and Finland. individual, personality traits and The company expanded its scope persons aspirations in order to to include Telecommunications find the ideal company for them to and the Banking & Finance sectors work with. within its area of expertise. Our association with clients At Nastrac we work closely with and professionals is long term clients to understand their working relationship based and we are style, culture, expertise areas and very conscious of our track record future plans in order to be able to both during the recruitment & identify ideal candidates for them. selection process as well as the post selection performance of our Professionals seeking help in their professionals with the client. career search will typically first Our Areas of Practice W ith many years in the industry, our team has proven successful in several industries. These segment of industries are therefore our areas of practice through the compounding effect of years of continued focus:B a n k in g & F in a n c ia lS e r v ic e s In f o r m a t io n T e c h n o lo g y Our Approach Nastrac’s global presence helps our clients work with us where there is a need. The geographical spread allows us to work with the same client across multiple locations ensuring a standardised approach, shorter learning curve for our consultants to understand the company culture, environment and hence ensuring very high quality levels of service across their multiple locations. This approach also helps our candidates to explore opportunities irrespective of locations and gives a great deal of flexibility to both clients and candidates. Contact us for a confidential discussion and let us help you in your new search.NASTRAC OFFICES WORLDWIDE:HEADOFFICE:SINGAPORE 80 Raffles Place, #28-04 UOB Plaza I, Singapore 048624 Tel + 65 65360436 Fax: + 65 65360610 : Email: jobs@nastracgroup.comREGIONALOFFICESSINGAPORE | AUSTRALIA | INDIA | UK | USA www.nastracgroup.com

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