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. Basic Sale Price (BSP)
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Lotus Greens Sector-150 Noida Expressway Price list .. 8882612345

Lotus Greens, Sector-150, Noida Expressway 2/3 BHK @ RS. 4090 / Sq. Ft. only Bakhshi Properties- 88826-12345 Lotus Greens New Project Sector 150 Noida – Homes With Modern Living Comforts About Builder – Lotus Greens is a leading name in the real estate industry. They have come up with some of the most interesting real estate projects in the market. Premium homes with fabulous residential facilities that are unmatched by any other in the market – this is the best way to describe their residential projects. Buy a property from Lotus Greens and you can be sure of having a fine quality home with the trendiest living facilities. They have not just developed residential complexes but also commercial projects, projects in the hospitality, education and hospital sector as well. Lotus Greens New Project Sector 150 – Lovely Some With So Much Of Space And Modern Utilities Lotus Greens New Project offers you fabulous homes with state-of-the-art living facilities. You can enjoy a serene lifestyle here, enjoying the multiple benefits of lavish interiors plus self-sustaining complex. Come and invest here to enjoy a grand and wonderful lifestyle. You will find these homes to be the perfect abode of peace and serenity. Situated in Sector 150, Noida, you can easily reach various places such as metro railway, school, hospitals, DMD flyway, Lotus Boulevad from here. Buy A Home With Features Unmatched By Similar Properties In The Market Investing in a home is wonderful means of multiplying your money. However care must be taken to buy the right property. At Lotus Greens New Project Sector 150 Noida, you are provided with fabulous 2BHK and 3BHK units which are worth the money spent. Their features, location and price make them the ideal investment option. You can enjoy interiors with fabulous flooring, large rooms, excellent storage facilities, latest utilities, modular kitchen and much more. All these features go into giving you an environment that is posh, upscale and which has the latest residential comforts that is simply unmatched by similar properties in the market. One of the best things about these apartments is that are inside a complex that is huge and filled with lovely gardens. The garden area is wonderful and you can take a walk around it every day. There are also jogging tracks surrounding it, where you can jog to keep yourself fit. With such a healthy environment in your surroundings, your lifestyle here is wonderful. You will feel not just peaceful but also energetic. There are also clubhouse facilities available inside the complex through which you can indulge in various types of recreational activities, which keep you engaged and energetic. Play badminton, use the swimming pool or take up gym workouts to keep yourself fit. With so many benefits you can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle at Lotus Greens New Project Sector 150 Noida. Similar properties in the market fail to make such a good impression. These properties show case elegance, sty
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Lotus Greens Sector-150 Noida Expressway Price list .. 8882612345

  • 1. ye . °“: ".‘-P‘ LOTUS GREENS 88826-12345 BAKHSHI rnommes “@393 Idigbouuhlhpy . Basic Sale Price (BSP) > Prefer: -nlial Loration Charges (PLO Rs. 4090,/ - Pt-rSq. Ft. I“ Floor Rs. I50 Per Sq. Fl. 2"‘ Floor, 3"‘ & 4"‘ Floor Rs. 115 Per Sq. Ft. 59,6'"&7*l-‘loot Rs. IM Pei Sq. Fl. 8'29"‘. l0'*. l‘l"‘& 12''‘ Floor Rs.75PerSq. F!. lalldscapu Facing Rs. 100 Per Sq. F1 > Car Parking Gauges (covered) Rs. 2.75.! !!) Wt Bay‘ ‘a EC( Electric Substnlion Charges ) Rs. 50 Per Sq. Ft. » FFEC ( Fire Fighting Equlpim. -nt Charges ) Rs. 50 Per &| . Ft. a Power Backup Installation Charges Rs. 2o, ooo/ - Per KVA" ‘n Club Member Ship Rs l,75,0lXJ/ - » IFNB Rs. 25 Per Sq. Ft. luunmmsz Lease Rom as new Actual: at the lime of Possession. ‘On: (‘mend (‘ar Putting Along will! an apanmcnl is mandatory. “Z KVA (Mammary) Pmwr Bad: up for 2 BHK and 3 KVA IMand. uory) Pmhu’ Back up fol’ (SBHK + 3 TO] & 3 BHK). No PLC is applicable on unils an I show 21'‘ floor. lllcnrsl Fm: mtinlacnnncc SccIIriIy(IFMSIdcposi1 @ Rs 25/- psfslull be payable by the Allollcc :1 the lime ofollcr ofposscssion. The BS! ’ is cxclusivc of applicable Ines. ccss. VAT. WCT. Lust Rent Service Tax on In: salcl pumlusc. Allotmcm. Buyer Agxceumnl or in relaiion no the Pmiccl or any cownponcm Illereoruhich shall be paid by the Applicant/ Allouce in the m. -umcr sci foals. Stamp Duty. Registration Charges. Lease Rent. Miscellaneous cxpcnscs c1c. . shall be payable by Ill: Allonce on ofler of possession. Mi clwwwvdwlk '0 bc made in WW °f Pl)'"N¢ III New Delhi/ Nelda. For RTGS Details: ‘r Account No : omnzooszvosuov ‘r Bu]: Nun: : Axis Bank Ltd ‘r IFSC Code : UTIBDOOOOSS ‘r Brunch : Snasihya Vilw. Dcllii

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