anteis injection system – press kit
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ANTEIS launches its new INJECTION...
anteis injection system – press kit
Press Release
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Press Release ANTEIS - Janvier 2010

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Release ANTEIS - Janvier 2010

  • 1. anteis injection system – press kit Press Release 1 A BREAKTHROUGH IN AESTHETIC MEDICINE ANTEIS launches its new INJECTION SYSTEM Paris, Geneva – 7 January 2010 – Anteis SA, a Swiss company, today launched a revolutionary new injection system for use in aesthetic medicine. The ANTEIS INJECTION SYSTEM delivers outstandingly natural, pleasing results, with less pain and fewer side effects than current, syringe-based methods. Doctors and patients that have had the opportunity to try the new system consistently indicate that they intend to use it in the future, leading the company to predict that the ANTEIS INJECTION SYSTEM will soon become the industry standard. “The ANTEIS INJECTION SYSTEM continues our tradition of offering innovative, high-performing products for the dermatology market”, said Gilles Bos, CEO of Anteis SA. “We combined our extensive training in science, our techni- cal know-how and our understanding of the challenges to develop a solution that meets the needs of both practi- tioners and their patients.” Patients benefits from a range of advantages. They experience a significant reduction in pain during and after injec- tion, thanks to the improved regulation of flow. There is also a notable reduction in side effects. Patients who have tried this new system find they have less bruising, redness and swelling, and can therefore return to work or social activities without anyone realizing that they have had treatment. For practitioners, the new system results in significantly less muscle fatigue than is experienced when using syringes to inject highly viscous products. It provides better control over both the speed of injection and the volume of gel that is deposited. Freed from the need to control the rate of flow, the practitioner is able to focus on his or her art: the precise placement of product. The ANTEIS INJECTION SYSTEM is suitable for all types of aesthetic treatments based on injectable gels, including filling wrinkles, modifying facial shape and volume, revitalising the dermis, and treating cellulite. It gives superior results regardless of the treatment, no matter what technique is used, and with the full range of Anteis gels. Over three years of intensive, in-depth research involving an international team of nine doctors, over 250 patients and four prototype generations were invested in the development of the new system. The ANTEIS INJECTION SYSTEM has already received its first award. Silvia Scherer, ANTEIS Managing Director, Aesthetics, was awarded the Gusi Peace Prize in November 2009 for Anteis’ contribution to improving people’s well being through the application of innovative technology, with particular reference to the potential of the new ANTEIS INJECTION SYSTEM to make a difference in the lives of practitioners and their patients. The new ANTEIS INJECTION SYSTEM will be sold through Anteis’ international network of distributors, and is avail- able immediately.
  • 2. anteis injection system – press kit Press Release 2 For more information, contact: Carole Scheibli patricia bénitah Press ANTEIS S.A. PB COMMUNICATION GENEVA SWITZERLAND Tel: + 33 1 47 31 11 06 Tel: + 41 22 308 93 68 Email: Mobile: + 41 78 646 10 95 Email: About Anteis Anteis SA is a Swiss company specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative inject- able medical devices based on biopolymer transformation. It provides revolutionary solutions to challenges in the fields of aesthetic dermatology, ophthalmology and orthopaedics. Anteis is dedicated to being a reliable partner for practitioners and their patients by providing high-quality products, supported by state-of-the-art injection systems and superior training and information (via its InjectNow Academy). Based in Geneva, Switzerland, with over 150 employees and manufacturing facilities in two Swiss locations, Anteis distributes products to over 90 countries worldwide. The company has grown strongly since its establishment in 2003, and has a robust pipeline of products and technologies. Anteis’ vision is to offer life-changing solutions to meet the needs of practitioners and their patients worldwide. It is committed to investing in constant improvement and innovation. These values are embodied in the Anteis promise – “change starts here”.

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