Natural Stone With Natural Beauty
Natural stone has always been a mainstay of the worktop market for many years now and
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Natural stone with natural beauty

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Natural Stone With Natural Beauty Natural stone has always been a mainstay of the worktop market for many years now and granite worktops have been at the top of the list when it comes to consumers choosing natural stone for their kitchen worktop needs. So why exactly is granite so popular on the market? Well allow me to go through some of the reasons why granite is so popular and also why it is going to continue to remain popular with consumers worldwide. For a start granite has a natural beauty to it that just is not found in other worktops available in the current market. Granite is mined in quarries worldwide and actually is made from solidified volcanic rock. This volcanic rock moulds with the natural minerals that are in the ground creating a wonderful effect that is truly specific to the region in which the granite is quarried. Granite comes in many different patterns and colours but mostly it comes in black or grey. Yellow, green, and blue are all colours that you can find if you look around. One of the main advantages of granite worktops is that they are extremely durable, in fact as it stands, granite is one of the strongest stones known to man. This makes it absolutely great for high traffic areas such as the kitchen as it can take a lot more punishment than other worktops on the market could even dream of handling. The fact that granite came from volcanic lava originally is also an extremely good reason why granite worktops are also great for your kitchen. Why? Well it's simple really, it stands to reason that as granite is a volcanic rock it can handle excessively high levels of intense heat without so much as even batting an eyelid. You can take a boiling hot saucepan off the hob and put it straight down on to your granite worktop and it would not make a difference to your counter in any way, shape, or form. So we have established that granite is a natural stone and that it is both extremely durable and highly heat resistant. But what of the negatives that come with granite? Well, there are a few drawbacks but nothing that would be a factor in any consumers decision making. First off, although granite is one of the strongest natural stones in the world it is also porous. What this cracks and veins that although are not visible to the naked eye can still hide germs and bacteria that if left untreated can multiply and become quite harmful in areas of food preparation. You can easily combat this however by applying a waterproof sealant to the surface of your granite worktop which stops any moisture from entering the stone stopping the buildup of said harmful germs and bacteria. This will also help to stop the next issue, and that is that if your granite worktop is not sealed it can also be easily stained. By using a waterproof sealant you can kill both of these negative birds with one stone. In summary granite is a phenomenal worktop purpose built for areas such as your kitchen and although there are both positives and negatives to granite you can rest assured that granite is still one of the best options available to you on today's current market.

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