Peter van Leeuwen (PACOMBI GROUP) rounds off his career
The PACOMBI GROUP is announcing that Peter van Leeuwen will be ste...
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Press release Pacombi - Peter van Leeuwen (EN)

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press release Pacombi - Peter van Leeuwen (EN)

  • 1. Peter van Leeuwen (PACOMBI GROUP) rounds off his career The PACOMBI GROUP is announcing that Peter van Leeuwen will be stepping down as its Managing Director Commercial as of the middle of 2016. Van Leeuwen has worked in the packaging industry for over 36 years. For 34 of those years he has worked for the Van der Windt Group and the PACOMBI GROUP. Peter van Leeuwen is known in the packaging branch as an extremely experienced self-made man who has worked his way through every stage of the profession. His finest moment was the sale of the Van der Windt Group to the PACOMBI GROUP at the beginning of 2013, since when Van Leeuwen has been the Managing Director Commercial of the new combination. The fast-growing PACOMBI GROUP, with annual revenue of 265 million Euro and over 400 employees, is a leading player in the European packaging market. In addition to a range of 40,000 articles the PACOMBI GROUP also offers, in particular, an insight into the correlation between packaging and environmental-impact based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). PACOMBI GROUP owner Jan Paardekooper: “Peter has been very valuable to us. He has woven the different blood-groups within the PACOMBI GROUP into a closely-knit whole in which the individual companies learn from each other and improve each other. That also typifies precisely Peter van Leeuwen as a person – sharing and stimulating others to share. “After a shining career in our branch Peter has expressed the wish to take early retirement. In view of his enormous contribution towards the success of Van der Windt and the PACOMBI GROUP, for which I am extremely grateful to Peter, we grant him this wholeheartedly. On behalf of everyone in the PACOMBI GROUP I wish Peter a successful future.” Peter van Leeuwen: “I have enjoyed every year in this dynamic branch. Together we brought about the enormous growth of the Van der Windt Group over the past decades. Then the acquisition by the PACOMBI GROUP brought with it a great step forwards. I am very proud when I see where we are now and the growth we will make in the future. In the natural-born entrepreneur Jan Paardekooper the PACOMBI GROUP has an ambitious owner, the Group has a skilful and experienced management and a wealth of dedicated and skilled employees. “I am convinced I am retiring from a winner in the branch and I will, in the future, be a very enthusiastic Ambassador for the Group. As far as my own future is concerned, at this moment I only want to fantasize. First I want to enjoy these last few months.” For more information: • Peter van Leeuwen: +31 65 10 92 300 • Jan Paardekooper: +31 88 22 22 371 • Press Release

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