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NASA finds signs of life – on Earth

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - NASA finds signs of life – on Earth

  • 1. h t t p : / / w w w. t e h r a n t i m e s . c o m / s c i e n c e SCI/TECH 9 TEHRAN TIMES INTERNATIONAL DAILY MAY 3, 2010 Many endangered turtles dying on Texas Gulf coast NASA finds signs of New Twitter client highlights Android’s HIGH ISLAND, Texas (AP) — Flies buzz every- where and the stench is overwhelming as biologist Lyndsey Howell stops to analyze the remains of yet another endangered sea turtle washed up from the Gulf of Mexico. “It’s been on the beach for a while,” life – on Earth If alien life is ever discovered, scientists expect it will most likely fragmentation Twitter’s unveiled its first official application for the mobile An- droid operating system and, a be of the simple, microbial variety. And now they’ve found some Howell says, flipping over the decomposing, dried- boon to developers everywhere, serious signs of such life, right here on Earth. And the clues and out shell. Google is planning to open- the methodology could help researchers find life on Jupiter’s More than 30 dead turtles have been found strand- source the application’s code. moon Europa. ed on Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula south of The move will allow interested In a pair of images released -- one from NASA’s EO-1 satel- Houston this month — an unusually high number that parties to develop their own lite and a closer one taken from a helicopter -- NASA research- has puzzled researchers, in part because most are so augmentations to the app that ers explained their examination of a glacier-carved valley that decomposed that there are few clues left about why tap into Twitter’s various APIs, is like none other on Earth. they died. giving rise to new features for The spot, high in the Canadian Arctic on Ellesmere Island, The number of strandings on these shores is dou- keeping tabs on everyone’s up- is called Borup Fiord Pass. It is the only known place on our ble what scientists and volunteers normally see as the to-the-minute updates. planet where sulfur from a natural spring is deposited over ice. turtles begin nesting in April, says Howell, who patrols Or, at least, almost everyone. The sulfur leaves a pale yellow stain on the ice, and scien- the beaches as part of her job with the National Oce- The Twitter application only tists say it’s a clear sign of biological activity. anic and Atmospheric Administration. Of the 35 tur- works on version 2.1 of the An- The sulfur stain, clearly visible in the helicopter image, is not tles found, all but three were dead. Thirty-three were droid OS or higher. According to visible by regular satellite photography. But another sensor on Kemp’s ridleys, an endangered species researchers eWeek, that restricts the applica- the satellite, called Hyperion, makes measurements in wave- have spent decades trying to rehabilitate. tion to three mobile devices: the lengths of light we can’t see. Many of the turtles appear to have propeller wounds Motorola Droid, Google Nexus Using this hyperspectral data from Hyperion scientists were from boats or have become entangled in fishing nets or One, and the HTC Incredible. able to map the location of sulfur deposits. In effect, they’ve lines, Howell says. Others have parasites or are ema- If you take a look at Google’s seen clear signs of life from space. ciated. Platform Versions chart for An- What they learn from all this may help us find life elsewhere The increase in deaths comes as the turtles swim droid—based on a 14-day period in the solar system, according to a statement from NASA. closer to shore to nest and shrimping season gets into ending April 12, 2010—the frag- At the Borup Pass spring, hydrogen sulfide gas in the water is dient for life as we know it. full swing along the upper Texas coast, said Roger mented picture of the various An- converted to sulfur, the most common material in the deposit, or Now NASA has measurements, from Borup Pass pass, that Zimmerman, lab director of the NOAA marine fishery droid versions gets a little crazier. gypsum. The process is complex, but it most often occurs when the agency says could help researchers determine if the Eu- laboratory in Galveston. As it stands, only 27.3 percent of microbes, such as bacteria, are present, scientists explained. ropa stains were created by life. “Historically, they increase about this time of year. all Android users would even be On Jupiter’s moon Europa, scientists have found dark stains “An orbiting sensor like Hyperion could be used to identify ... This is a few more than we would normally expect,” able to install Twitter for Android on the ice that have them wondering if they might be caused by chemicals in Europa’s non-ice deposits that may be a sign of Zimmerman said. “We are concerned and we’ll keep to begin with. a similar process. extraterrestrial microbial an eye on it.” We’ve reported on the frag- Europa is covered in a shell of water ice that’s thought to life,” NASA said. Researchers are also watching the massive oil spill mentation in the Android market hide an ocean of liquid water below. Liquid water is a key ingre- (Source: Space.com) off the coast of Louisiana. If the oil were to begin mov- previously, based on advertising ing in the direction of the Texas Gulf — which isn’t pre- served across Admob’s network. dicted at the moment — many Kemp’s ridleys swim- Tiny Earth modeled from atoms in technology breakthrough Whereas previously, Android ming in to nest would be right in its path. In 1979, after 1.5—or Cupcake—ruled the an oil spill off the coast of Mexico, Kemp’s ridleys were A breakthrough technique discovered by IBM has yielded an niscule art displays, the researchers say. It actually represents scene, the emergence of ver- airlifted to cleaner waters. interesting application: the ability to “paint” and “sculpt” images a breakthrough for nano-scale pattern imaging, significantly sions 1.6 and 2.x of the operating Shrimping has long been blamed for sea turtle thousands of times smaller than a grain of salt. reducing the cost and complexity of the process and possibly system have split the user base So what did scientist decide to sculpt first with their new opening the door for cheaper and more easily manufactured deaths. Shrimpers are required to install grid-like de- into three competing sections. atomic-scale paintbrush? The world, of course. nano-sized objects for future electronics. vices in their nets that are designed to allow turtles to According to a March data This 3-D map of the globe is so small that 1,000 of them “Advances in nanotechnology are intimately linked to the ex- escape. Shrimpers caught without the turtle excluder analysis by Admob, Android 1.5 would fit on a grain of salt. istence of high-quality methods and tools for producing nano- devices — or TEDs — may be fined thousands of dol- served up 38 percent of all of IBM researchers used an extremely small silicon tip, about scale patterns and objects on surfaces,” physicist Armin Knoll lars and have their catch seized by federal regulators. the company’s advertising, with 100,000 times smaller than a sharpened pencil tip, to create of IBM Research - Zurich said. “With its broad functionality and Still, some are reluctant to invest $800 on the TEDs Android 1.6 coming in second patterns and structures as small as 15 nanometers across. unique 3D patterning capability, this nanotip-based patterning or are angry over the extra work they create aboard the at 35 percent and Android 2.x, The researchers also created a 3-D replica of the Matter- methodology is a powerful tool for generating very small struc- shrimp boats, so they gamble they won’t be caught. third, with 26 percent. horn, a famous Alpine mountain, and 2-D images of the IBM tures.” “When there is more shrimp, there are more turtle “Good luck to Twitter’s support logo and a simple pattern. A video released by IBM details how The research is detailed in a recent issue of the journal Ad- strandings,” Zimmerman said. “That correlation has it is done. Skip to 1:14 to see examples of their artwork. vanced. folks who will have to explain to a been well-documented.” The new patterning technique has implications beyond mi- (Source: LiveScience.com) bunch of confused Android users Educating fishermen, the public and shrimpers about why their phone can’t use about preserving Kemp’s ridleys is part of a new fed- the new Twitter app. (Though this eral recovery plan expected to be approved in the com- ing months. The goal is to upgrade the Kemp’s ridleys Five things the iPad needs to be complete leaves a door open for other de- velopers who make Twitter apps from endangered to threatened within six years — but Form a reasonable opinion about both and ought to be expected within apps for older versions of Android. And, that depends on having 10,000 nesting females per its capabilities and its inadequacies. like Pages and Numbers. of course, Twitter will still work for season. Currently, there are about 6,000. I love the iPad. It is my default mo- 3. Camera. I admit that it would look those users on the mobile web Nesting season begins in mid-April and lasts into bile platform. It is lighter, thinner, small- a tad silly to be holding up the iPad and and via SMS.)” July. Most Kemp’s ridleys nest on a beach in Mexico er, and faster (for at least some tasks) shooting photos. Most people don’t With Android 2.2, or Froyo, or at Padre Island in south Texas. But increasing num- than my notebook, yet still allows me to carry around cameras the size of a looming on the horizon, it re- bers have been seeking out the shores of Galveston do virtually everything I might need to magazine. And, as portable as the iPad mains to be seen how Google and Bolivar. do while on the go. is, I still don’t leave home without my will address the issue of Android It’s not perfect, though. Here are five iPhone - which does have a camera. fragmentation via future releases Courier tablet sidelined, things that I feel the iPad needs to be So, it’s not imperative per se. of the OS. (Source: PC Magazine) complete and to truly enable me to be That said, it also seems sort of like a says Microsoft productive anywhere and anytime. 1. File Management. The iPad--whether you choose the no-brainer. I think many were shocked that it wasn’t included in the first edition iPad and fully expect Russian resupply Microsoft founder Bill Gates at a conference at the 16Gb, 32Gb, or 64Gb model - has a finite amount of memory there to be a camera--or dual front and back cameras--in the Times Center in New York City on Wednesday July 23, to work with. There is no way to upgrade or expand the storage next iteration of the iPad. It would be useful to be able to record ship docks at 2009. On April 30, Microsoft announced that Courier, a capacity of the device, so it makes sense that you don’t really video messages, or to participate in video conferencing via tablet project, would not be going ahead at this time. want to store files on the iPad. Storing data on the device itself Skype or other tools using the iPad. space station Courier, a tablet project that was being developed also makes it a greater risk should it be lost or stolen. 4. USB. This point sort of fits with the first one about file by Microsoft to potentially compete with Apple’s iPad Fair enough. It’s a mobile platform in a cloud-driven world management. The cloud is available anywhere the iPad can with sweets was sidelined, according to an official Microsoft blog and I can store my files on Box.net, or iWork.com, or Google connect to it, so it works fine for storing data in most cases. MOSCOW (AFP) — A Russian post on Thursday. Docs, or a Windows Live SkyDrive, etc. There are plenty of free However, there are many situations that arise where a peer or cargo spaceship on Saturday Though it was never officially announced that the or low-cost options for storing data on the Internet. customer would like to share data and the most convenient and docked at the International Courier tablet was being developed, speculators However, the iPad doesn’t even make accessing those files appropriate means of doing so is via a USB thumb drive. Space Station, authorities said, thought the device could give the iPad a run for its simple or intuitive. I can view a file in Box.net, but in order to The iPad should have a USB port, and it should provide a three days after launching from money, and lower the iPad’s cost due to competition. work with it in Pages or Numbers I have to e-mail it to myself, mechanism to be able to view the contents of a thumb drive, Kazakhstan with supplies that Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Communi- open the file attachment, then tap the button at the top right of open files in the appropriate app, or transfer them--either to be included sweets and chocolate. cations Frank Shaw posted the bombshell on a blog the display to open the file in the appropriate app. stored locally on the iPad, or at least to allow me to move them The Progress M-05M docked after there had been a “ton of speculation” about the What a convoluted pain from a company that prides itself from the USB thumb drive to my cloud-based storage solution. manually at 1835 GMT after the device. on an intuitive interface and exceptional user experience. Not 5. Multitasking. Despite persistent claims from vendors and automatic systems did not work, “At any given time, we’re looking at new ideas, in- storing data on the iPad itself makes sense, but let’s figure out fans of competing smartphone platforms to the contrary, I have a Russian Mission Control Cen- vestigating, testing, incubating them. It’s in our DNA to how to streamline access to cloud-based files. presented a case for why I feel that multitasking is not neces- tre spokesman said in a report develop new form factors and natural user interfaces to 2. Embedded Links. This may not come up on a regular ba- sary for the iPhone. The screen is too small to display two apps by the Interfax news agency. foster productivity and creativity,” said Shaw. sis for other users, but one of the most glaring deficiencies of at a time anyway, so the tradeoff in battery life and security is- The spacecraft had carried The prototype had two seven-inch folding screens, the iPad - or more specifically of the iWork for iPad Pages app sues seems like a losing bet. about 2.6 tons of freight includ- WiFi, a camera, and had both a touch and pen inter- - for me is the inability to add or embed URL’s in a document. The iPad uses the same OS, though, and the iPad can ben- ing water, food, medicines, fuel face, according to Gizmodo. I use the iPad to write articles such as this one (although not efit from multitasking. Many apps are written to at least retain and “psychological support” that The Wall Street Journal reported that the Courier this particular one) when I am away from my home office, but their state--so if I switch away to use another app and come included sweets, caramels and tablet was being developed by Alchemy Ventures, a adding links to other articles and resources is less than intuitive back to it I can pick up where I left off. That is at least close to chocolates for the station’s in- new technologies lab at Microsoft. Microsoft told the as well. multitasking. But, I want to be able to be engaged listening to a ternational crew. lab to halt development. What I do is insert asterisks to note where I would like to link Webex presentation, and switch away to instant message with It launched on Wednesday “(Courier) will be evaluated for use in future offer- the text or embed a URL, then e-mail the file in Word format to a peer, check my calendar, or shoot off a quick e-mail without from the Baikonur space center ings, but we have no plans to build such a device at myself so I can open it in Microsoft Word once I return to my shutting down the presentation. in Kazakhstan. this time,” said Shaw in the statement. desk, add the necessary links, and post it online. The only other thing that I have missed on multiple occa- Three Russian cosmonauts, On Friday, the new 3G version of the iPad was re- If I am not returning to my desk, I suppose I could connect sions is the 3G access. I bought the Wi-Fi model of the iPad, two U.S. astronauts and a Japa- leased in the U.S. from the iPad using the VPN capabilities, upload the content, and I have recommended that most people save the additional nese crew member currently oc- (Source: The Epoch Times) and add the links from within the article publishing tool at PC- $130 and stick with the Wi-Fi model. cupy the orbiting science labo- World, but embedding links is not exactly a cutting edge feature (Source: PC World) ratory.

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