Sub headings- use
catchy quotes to pull
the audience in
“Taylor’s first
interview since harry”
this will excite the
of 1

Pop magazine 1

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pop magazine 1

  • 1. Sub headings- use catchy quotes to pull the audience in “Taylor’s first interview since harry” this will excite the target audience which is clearly young teenagers as they will want to know all about their favourite artists and the gossip about her life. Sell line- “10 posters in every issue”- this will draw in the audience as they get something free with the magazine and typically teenagers would have posters in their room of their favourite artists and they will therefore want to buy this magazine. The font- is used in this magazine is very funky with backgrounds of pinks and whites. This reflects the genre of a pop magazine, as it is very bright and cool font that would attract teenagers who typically listen to pop and current music. Most of the bold font is in capitals and some are on more canted angle which follows the theme funky and cool. Colour scheme -this magazine is mostly bright pinks and bold white writing, the connotations of pink are typically girly and feminine and therefore will be attracting a mainly female audience. This is reinforced by the use of headlines “101 facts about 1 direction” and “Justin beiber scandal” this will attract female teenagers who are fans of the artists and will want to know all about them. As the audience for this magazine is typically young girls aged approximately 13 who are just getting in to music and fashion and will want to be current and hip. Cover photo-By using the cover photo of Taylor swift; a very popular artist; will attract her fan base. Although others that may not like Taylor swift would still be attracted to it as it features many other artists on the front cover. The medium shot of Taylor shows her looking straight at the audience singing into a hairbrush, this shows her being quite playful and friendly so its as if she is connecting with the younger audience as stereotypically they would sing in their room into hairbrushes so by showing her doing the same thing makes the audience feel familiar.

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