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Porifera Newsletter

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Porifera Newsletter

  • 1. T H E D A I LY S P O N G E PORIFERA “Sponges” n fo Addi tional I e todays spong Oddball Organism The sromatoporaidea is definitely a sponge but beyond that classification is debated. Symmetry M A R I N E S P g / w i G /E o r i f e r a r ON ki P The sponge has either radial ipedi a.o symmetry or asymmetrical http://en.wik symmetry. As you can see the above sponge is hollow as all sponges are. Sponges are able to maintain their shape with mesohyl which Extinct sponges is a protein used in connective tissues. This sponge is a marine -Archeocyathids sponge. -Archaeocyatha a da y in the li f e o f a s p o ng e Other Sponges As a sponge you would get your In order to live you would have to -barrel sponge nutrition from water flowing through adapt to your surroundings. One thing -kitchen sponge your pores. Some sponges are actually you would have to do is change the carnivorous and feed off of small sea shape or your body to allow maximum Resources creatures. This puts it in the category water flow through. of consumers in the food chain. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Sponges are used by many in the Porifera#Basic_structure Sponges get oxygen from diffusion shower although most of the sponges -http://www.mcwdn.org/Animals/ which is to put it simply getting the today are synthetic. Sponges.html oxygen out of the water. -http://www.palaeos.com/Invertebrates/ Sponges are capable of regenerating Porifera/Stromatoporoidea.html Most sponges are hermaphorodites certain parts of their body assuming -http://www.blackriverfossils.org/ which means they act as the male and that certain cells are still in tact. Invertebrate/archeocyathid/tabid/53/ Fossils/3391/Default.aspx the female. Others use budding in Sponges are believed to be very helpful -http://open-site.org/Science/Animals/ order to reproduce. Porifera to other marine animals. They can -http://tolweb.org/treehouses/? Some sponges can move across the change nitrogen gas into a useful treehouse_id=3431 ocean floor but, most remain in the hydrogen that helps other organisms same place for their entire life. live. Internally cells move the sponges food from place to place.

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