Increased Commitment and Capitalization of our Hosting Infrastructure:Austin, TX-April 2013: PolyDyne announces infrastruc...
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Press release hosting infrastructure

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Increased Commitment and Capitalization of our Hosting Infrastructure:Austin, TX-April 2013: PolyDyne announces infrastructure transition; PolyDyne Web Services (PWS). PWSdelivers a scalable cloud computing platform with high dependability in security, speed, connectivity, andperformance. This new platform enhances the overall experience of product users, while providing a highdegree of protection in confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of our customers systems and data.Transitioning IT infrastructure to PWS creates a shared responsibility between the customer and PWS. Thisshared model can relieve customer operational burden as PWS operates, manages, and controls thecomponents from the host operating system and virtualization layer, down to the physical security of facilitiesin which services operate. Enhanced security validates and complies with requirements by leveragingtechnology, such as host based firewalls; host based intrusion/detection and prevention, as well as encryptionand key management ability.PolyDyne Web Services meets industry-specific certification requirements, SOC 1/SSAE16, ISAE-3402, ISO27001, and ITAR. Adopting a widely global security standard, PWS meets requirements and best practices fora systematic approach to managing company and customer information, based on periodic risk assessments.Under the strict regulations of ITAR, PolyDyne must control unintended exports by restricting access toprotected data to US persons and restricting physical location of that data to US land. Aerospace and Defensecustomers may transmit, process, and store protected articles and data under ITAR.PWS stores data in three locations worldwide, giving each customer improved proximity to their solution. Withlocations in Singapore, Seattle, and Ireland, all data is easily accessible at a server upload and download speed up to 15GB of aggregated bandwidth with reduced hop counts up to 64%. Pedro Murillo, Director of Operations “PWS promotesstandard criteria of all certifications, accreditations, security measures, and features that are considered mandatory formost large enterprises and governmental agencies. The PWS has provided advantages of health checks, backupcapabilities, and auto scaling”.PolyDyne applies a systematic approach to manage PWS. To maintain integrity of PWS service to thecustomer, changes deployed into production are reviewed, tested, and approved. PolyDyne will achieve goalsof high availability, repeatability, robust security, and disaster recovery. Systems and Network Engineersmonitor the status of automated tools on a daily basis, reviewing reports and responding as needed.About PolyDynePolyDyne Software Inc. develops and markets strategic sourcing software applications. PolyDyne productsenable companies to gain control over and insight into their direct material spends, supplier management,outsourcing price negotiation, sourcing and quote management processes. PolyDyne product suite consistsof DesignWin®, QuoteWin®, SupplyWin®, psiplace™ and psimobile™. For more information, call (512)343‐9100 or visit PolyDyne website at Software Inc.For more information contact:PolyDyne Software Inc.512‐343‐

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