Curriculum Vitae
OBJECTIVE: To work ina congenial ambience &tobuildalongterm career in Networkingindustrythat
Team Leadership
Ability to work in team
and independently
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Curriculum Vitae OBJECTIVE: To work ina congenial ambience &tobuildalongterm career in Networkingindustrythat offersprofessional growthwhilebeingresourceful,innovative andflexible. CurrentlyonDPinSingapore. ActivelylookingforJob. Pooja Agrawal Address: Punggol Field Singapore Phone: +65-86572339 E-mail: Personal Data: Father’s Name : Mr. Deepak Agrawal Date of Birth : 23rd Jan 1990 Sex : Female Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Single Hobbies: Socializing Surfing net Reading Listening to music Strengths: Optimistic Attitude Perseverance Project Planning and coordination Education: Pursued B.Techin InformationTechnology withaggregate of 76.8% in 2012. College: JSSAcademyOf Technical Education,NOIDA,affiliatedtoGBTU. 12th: From Central HinduGirlsSchool,Varanasi,affiliatedtoCBSE Board, secured 79.8% in 2008. 10th: From Central HinduGirlsSchool,Varanasi,affiliatedtoCBSEBoard, scored93.6% in 2006. Technical Skills: NetworkingPlatform Junos, developedbyJuniperNetworks,CentOS /Linux, andWindows. Hardware  PaloAltoFirewall PA -200,PA-500, PA-2k,PA-3k, PA-4k,PA-5k  Brach SRX firewalls –SRX100, SRX110, SRX210, SRX220, SRX240, SRX 550, and SRX 650.  NSM Linux basedS/W,NSMXpress , NSM3000.  J SeriesfirewallsandroutersJ2320, J2350, J4350, J6350  Basic knowledgeonCiscoASA, ScreenOSSSGFirewall Certifications:  AccreditedConfigurationEngineer(ACE6.0) Certified.  JNCIA- JUNOS,JNCIS- JUNOS.  MicrosoftTechnologyAssociate:Database AdministrationFundamentals Certified.  IBM CertifiedAcademic Associate:DB2Database and Application FundamentalsCertified.  IBM CertificationTest255, DevelopingwithIBMRational Application DeveloperforWebSphere software V6. Professional Experience: INFOSYSTECHNOLOGIES – JuniperNetworks (2013-Sep 2014) Workedas a L1 TAC engineer.Dealtwith live networksandnetwork related issuesof Juniperclientsall acrossthe globe byproviding on call supportor
  • 2.  Team Leadership Ability to work in team and independently Innovation Languages Known:  English Hindi assistance viaemail updatesandweb-session. IOPEX TECHNOLOGIES - Palo AltoNetworks (Oct 2014-June 2015) Worked as L2 TAC engineer. Dealt with networking issues of Palo Alto clients. ARYAKA NETWORKS (June 2015- Present) CurrentlyworkingasNetworkApplicationEngineerinamulti-vendor environment.Assistingcustomerswith VPN andWAN Optimization Issues. Providingconfigurationandtroubleshootingassistance forVPN between customer’sfirewall andAryakadevices(ANAP,ATAN,APAN etc). Work Areasand myknowledge domaininclude:  IPSECVPNssuchas site tosite and remote accessVPNs.  NetworkAddressTranslationsandPortAddressTranslations.  Knowledgeof SSLand Certificates.  Unix/Linux.  HighAvailabilityActive/PassiveandActive/Active setup.  SwitchingTechniques asinLayer2 and Layer3 VLANS.  DHCP/DNS/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP/SNMP/ALG.  Dynamicroutingprotocolssuchas OSPFand BGP.  URL filteringandIDP/IPS.  Knowledgeof LDAPconfigurationforUserIdentification. Declaration: I hereby declare thatall the informationmentionedaboveistrue tothe bestof my knowledge. Place: Bangalore (POOJA AGRAWAL)

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