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738 W 27th Street, Apt#7, Los Angeles, CA 90007
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Pooja Sinha - Resume

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pooja Sinha - Resume

  • 1. Pooja Sinha 738 W 27th Street, Apt#7, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (213)-880-1107 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sinhapooja poojasin@usc.edu Education University of Southern California, Los Angeles, May 2016 Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (GPA – 3.5/4.0) SRM UNIVERSITY, TAMIL NADU, India, May 2014 Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology Engineering (9.34/10) Skills Applications: Lab View, Microsoft Office, SQL, and BioWin Simulator Instrument: TOC Analyzer, AAS, GC, IC Work Experience • Sanitation District Of Los Angeles County (LACSD) May 2015 – Aug 2015 Performed water and wastewater quality control test for total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, turbidity, non-ionic surfactants, total and soluble sulphides. Exposed to Anoxic/Oxic wastewater treatment process for COD and nitrogen removal. Worked on LIMS software for sample logins, data entry, reporting results, and interfacing with other treatment plant sample sites • Sica Breweries-Sab India Millers, Pondicherry May 2013 – June 2013 Worked at the beer production and processing unit. Exposed to all the quality control parameter testing. Learnt about the wastewater treatment strategy the company takes up to handle the huge amount of wastewater generated. • Shasun Pharmaceuticals, Pondicherry Dec 2012 – Jan 2013 Worked at the Quality control department. Became familiar with techniques like SDS-PAGE, Spectrophotometric analysis and HPLC to ensure quality of drugs. Learnt about the process of production of Streptokinase vaccine from genetically modified Streptococcus species through Fermentation process. • Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Bangalore May 2012 – July 2012 Performed experiments related to Recombinant DNA technology that provided practical knowledge on creating Hybrid and genetically modified plants, vegetables, flowers, oil seeds using various molecular biological techniques. Projects • Internal standard - quantitative sequencing of DNA for food waste samples Jan 2016 – present Directed research under Dr. Adams Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering, USC Viterbi School of Engineering for quantification of relative abundance of DNA in various food waste samples using internal standard method • Proposed New Biotechnology process: Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) Technology for OCSD Fall 2015 Examined the benefits and potential application of AGS technology to be implemented at the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) as a possible alternative to conventional activated sludge process so as to improve treatment performance and energy efficiency • End-Of-Life Disposal Policies Of Food Waste in the US and UK Fall 2015 Research analysis on policies, infrastructure and geographic situation in the US and UK was done to better understand the large discrepancy of the End-of-life disposal practices of food waste. Potential actions to be taken in the future were analyzed. • Membrane Filtration and Nanotechnology Fall 2015 Worked as a student researcher under Dr. Massoud Pirbazari, Civil and Environmental Engineering, USC Viterbi School of Engineering for Membrane filtration technology and Biotoxicity of nanoparticles on plant pathogens. • Microbial Fuel Cell Technology Fall 2015 Worked as a lab assistant under Dr. Adams Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering, USC Viterbi School of Engineering for a research project based on Microbial fuel cell technology using methane media under anaerobic conditions. • Wastewater Treatment design for River Discharge Jan 2015 Designed an efficient and economic wastewater treatment technology using Activated Sludge UCT (University of Cape Town) process followed by filtration and UV disinfection for river discharge • Ground Water Reclamation, Reuse and Recharge in Orange County and LA County Aug 2014- Nov 2014 Reviewed about the wastewater treatment process and the concepts behind "Artificial Ground Water Recharge" and "Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT) technology". Performed research on the sustainable strategies implemented at the sanitation districts of LA county and orange county • Arsenic Removal Technologies Aug 2014- Nov 2014 Targeted on methods for efficient removal of As (III) and As (V) from ground water. Focused on Ion exchange process and adsorption using activated alumina, ferric oxide and magnetically ionized tea particles and analyzed the cost for each process • Study on enzymes produced by the Goat rumen Microorganisms Nov 2013- May 2014 Performed Lab scale production and purification of esterase and phytase enzyme for Phytate and phthalate degradation, which are potential environmental pollutants. This attracts interest to be applied in Wastewater treatment and Bioremediation. Leadership Qualities • Member of Environmental Student Assembly (ESA), USC (Aug 2014) • Vice President of Biotechnology Association in SRM University. (Aug 2013 – May 2014) • Joint Secretary of “We Initiate” (India), a non-government organization (April 2013) • Member of UNICON – Organized events for physically disable children (August 2013)

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