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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Political Science &International RelationsPolitical Science is the study of the origin, development, and operation of political systems and publicpolicy. Political scientists conduct research on a wide range of subjects such as international relations,government institutions and political life, local politics, and government structure and operations. Inter-national Relations programs incorporate these concepts and apply them on a global scale, focusing moreexclusively on foreign policy and cross cultural issues. Both degrees are interdisciplinary and incorporate avariety of subjects into their curriculum including history, economics, theory, and government. Undergraduate: Students pursuing an undergraduate program in political science or international relations may receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA). A BA degree provides well-rounded academic pro- grams, including general education course requirements in social science and humanities. A sample of courses available at the undergraduate level includes Modern World Governments, State and Local Governments, Environmental Politics, US Foreign Policy, Perspectives on International Development, Comparative Politics, Cross-Cultural Communications, and Globalization. Graduate: Students pursuing a graduate program in political science or international relations may earn Master of Arts (MA) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. Degree titles vary by institution and academic program. Graduate students usually will choose among a variety of degree concentrations in the field of political science/international relations such as American Government, International Devel- opment, International Relations/Affairs, Comparative Politics, Political Philosophy and Theory, Political Science. A sample of courses available at the graduate level include Political Theory, Public Policy, Sustainable Development, U.S. and Mexico Relations, U.S. Politics, International Environmental Is- sues, Politics of Specific Regions and others.Occupations in Political Science & International Relations:With a degree in political science or international relations, consider your professional opportunities withinthe fields of Education, Federal/Local Government, Intergovernmental Organizations, International Busi-ness/Finance, Journalism, Management and Administration, and Non-Governmental Organizations.Choosing a Political Science & International Relations Program:If you are considering continuing your education in this field, you should become familiar with academictrends and current developments. Utilize current literature and consider the existing research of profes-sors in matching your academic and career goals with the right institutions for you. EducationUSA Centersprovide advising services and a diverse collection of materials to assist students searching for schools andfinancial aid program. To find the nearest EducationUSA AdvisingCenter, visit www.educationusa.info/centers.php.There is no professional or programmatic accrediting organiza-tion for academic programs in political science/international rela-tions, however, prospective students should be sure to researchall recognized regionally accredited programs at www.chea.org.EducationUSA.state.gov
  • 2. Organizations Affiliated with the Study of Political Science & Interna-tional Relations: • American Political Science Association, www.apsanet.org • International Political Science Association, www.ipsa.org • Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, www.apsia.org • Foreign Affairs, www.foreignaffairs.org • Foreign Policy, www.foreignpolicy.com • The Economist, www.economist.com • The National Interest, www.nationalinterest.orgScholarly Journals related to the study of PS/IR: International Affairs, In-ternational Organization, International Security, and International StudiesQuarterly.Undergraduate Program Search Print and Online Resources: • College Board, www.collegeboard.com • Search for schools with the College Board’s online, “College Matchmaker.” • Read about specific majors and careers using the “Major and Career Profiles” search www.collegeboard.com/csearch/majors_careers/profiles/Graduate Program Search Print and Online Resources: • Peterson’s Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences; Book 2 • Peterson’s online at www.petersons.com • APSA’s Directory of Political Science Faculty and Programs • Georgetown University Press, Careers in International Affairs • Krannich, Ronald. The Complete Guide to International Jobs and Careers Find Scholarships to Study Political Science and InternationalRelations: • EducationUSA Financial Aid links, www.educationusa.info/pages/students/finance.php • Funding U.S. Study, www.fundingusstudy.org • Peterson’s Scholarship Directory, www.petersons.com • The Fulbright Program, http://fulbright.state.gov • Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Fellowship, www.jfklibrary.orgIf you are interested in pursuing higher education in the U.S. and wouldlike further guidance please contact your local EducationUSA AdvisingCenter EducationUSA.state.gov

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