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Infographic: What Is Preva?

Download the infographic: http://www.precor.com/en-us/blog/2014/05/09/infographic-operators-preva/ If you’re an operator looking for an easy and efficient way to increase revenue, communicate directly with your exercisers as they work out, and gain valuable insight into workout patterns as a means of fostering a quality relationship, then Preva® is just for you. Available through the P80 consoles found on Precor Experience Series™ cardio equipment, and through the Preva Mobile app, Preva is cloud-based software that allows exercisers to track their fitness goals and progress over time, and operators to increase retention rates and drive revenue.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Infographic: What Is Preva?

  • 1. I PREEDR WHAT IS PREVA? “‘ _ l ’ . ‘Q: . v‘v ' -~ I I I . I ‘Hi ? Optimization of equipment management. Communication _ ‘I-'i= ‘+ W3: = l=i= i= directly to 7.. exercisers He"°- during workouts. SERIES CARDIO Exerclsers to set EQUIPMENT and track fitness goals while motivating them 82% through fun OF GOAL badges, and keep them coming back to your facility. ‘A : ‘ A PROVEN, RELIABLE, AND GROWING SOLUTION FOR YOUR BUSINESS F’ I Learn Mor I NETWORKED 70+ MILUON 5+ MILUON +1 MILLION EQUIPMENT IN WORKOUTS MINUTES OF MEDIA WORKOUT MESSAGES ss COUNTRIES RECORDED CONSUMED DAILY DELIVERED WEEKLY BENEFITS TO YOUR BUSINESS ARE. .. WOW! ADD A “WOW” FACTOR THAT ADDS VALUE! BRING IN NEW VISITORS! Exerclsers report being 23% more satisfied with 70% Increase in memberships after one month their cardlo equipment features, and 19% perceive of Preva being installed. 'Hea/ thg/ o, Australia greater monetary value for their membership. IMPROVE RETENTION! KEEP EXERCISERS MOTIVATED MEDIA HELPS TOO! 25% Reduction in membership AND COMING BACK! 2 out of 3 exercisers enioy cancellations with Preva. Exerclsers with a Preva Account, their gym membership more ‘Wei/ /ngton Health & F/ tness goals and a Preva token workout with features like TV and on average 4x more often than web video. those without. Studies show these features can lead to a minimum of 5% growth in retention within a short time frame. ‘Mill Park Le/ sure INCREASE REVENUE AT A LOW COST! 30% OFF PERSONAL TRAINING Monthly revenue increases of $900 by promotions run via Workout Messages. ‘Fitness Evolution, Bell/ ngham WA :7:"—= "°”". '|: ’.'| ;Ig: H:| |’ ‘visit www. preva. comxen~us, -"operators. v’customer-evidence for full case studies . .-- ~"'~m. -— -W, ‘ ,2‘ BONUS‘ ~ - - - 2 ' ‘z I I A - I . _ I- I I I v I [ I I 5 Q‘ < I 3, , '11. "W W x‘ "4-cu, -.~L~ u= i'. '~: uu~= :;(-iii/ n-I : -I-It: r:i :1=. III/ no ; hmmt: I’-I ‘iii: -I-I/ /in : /=I'l/ ll0‘ili¢ . ‘=ll= H : in. 'o Iv-'1: ii1:i= .-xn: iiina-iue Ii= J'. ' llI= u’lll5.‘: Jl~‘» : IIivl. ’(= J:, Ipk~ iiI: Jn-: i!: ],¢. ',-AV °}Ei= ii-’I, =“/ ‘(Iv-'l. ‘|5. -‘i'. 'I. ‘l=1:» I: |=. .:(-. --II? "!l: I-i! 'l: ‘ I I A _ g u 'In: .v<: -umo. IuIu= .x-:11: IKQIIIJFI : l~$1-‘J la] in; ” u; un. :m-. r:. iin-i; ~4;. >:L1m>~flip . ‘I{lIll= .l¢"I[_o-tie] Z. :-unnol-: :Jtd1l/ ¢.«. .in: I' . '«: i:J, v m: on-ir: :d. ’ . -In-. o{-1:"' (bin: (-1 Downloaded In 115 countries, the Preva Mobile App motivates exercisers outside .1Ii: I~I, a'I_: --14,: :.-ai-191:. to keep them on track when they retum to your facility. or contact sales at www. preva. com/ en-us/ operators/ request-a-demo. ""'""‘»““‘“ To learn more about how Preva can work for you, visit www. preva. com I

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