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bam may cho rat nhIeu bo‘ phim Viet. cung Ia Iua chon quen thugc
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I eacefully located in a historical apartment building
constructed from the French colonia...
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Travellive Features Press Club Hanoi's Oyster and Mussel Menu, Jan 2015

The best restaurant in Hanoi, Press Club, treats all diners with a tempting menu specialising on fresh oysters and mussels in January, 2015.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
Published in: Food      
Source: www.slideshare.net

Transcripts - Travellive Features Press Club Hanoi's Oyster and Mussel Menu, Jan 2015

  • 1. f I 0 / ‘K 4:9 eZ‘»; ?eo 7,1:/ .I ~l>,1/<}s, )b: % *2/I J‘ O ’3;, L<: ,% M ((€%‘<‘6 I I I U L vII; I|. <mIuI 1: . ‘~VAVl! ]:| I_, !i . Ir '4 7;’ . > . -‘ I I Sc. 1?: I ; A 1 ‘ I 4 1 “~ ’ ‘*”"’ SOUTI-. ERil I I JAPAN 72 GIO QUANH CIZIA NGO f k - ' ' NAM NHAT BAN § ‘ JIEI II I» ill - I I'I, |_I~" ‘ If I-'3 and DEIFTII A SANG "mo >“___), ?"JI I) I ‘ I TU NHUNG LOI LAM SUKHOTHAI j MOT THAI LAN KHAC I I V; A SPRING HUONG VANG TRONG AM muc NGAY xuAN HONEY IN Li ‘IIPIH I _ yé u MINH XEM AN , »»: ‘f. '/ " U 6‘ P'‘'‘5v LAY MAT OR ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION . «oa-"“"' S I It TRAVELLIVF, AVAILABLE AT: BUSINESS LOUNGES AT ALL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS IN VIETNAM BUSINESS CLASS OF TURKISH AIRLINES ‘I’ 300 LEADING HOTELS 84 RESORTS IN VIETNAM
  • 2. THU GIAN CUOI NGAY TAI bam may cho rat nhIeu bo‘ phim Viet. cung Ia Iua chon quen thugc mang tInh nghe thuat cua nhung photographer. El Sol Cafe hua hen se la mot diem den | <hong the b0 qua Vc')I bat cu al yeu thnch cafe. Sau mqt ngay lam viec cang thang. ban co the cham rai thucng thuc nhung huong VI cafe Y dac trung nhu cappuchino. latte. .. trong khong gian am cung tai day. El Sol con la noi thuc khach co the um thay nhung trai nghiem cafe theo phong cach moi Ia Vci VI cafe nguyen chat duqc pha cu may syphon, aeropress hay pour over. El Sol cung mang toI khach hang nhung bua tou ngon mieng. bai tr: dep Va bat mat, su dung nguyen IIeu tuon sach tu Vietgap da qua su Iua chon khat I<he cua chu quan nguoI Nhat. Nho thuc don doc ciao Va phong phu, cung cach phuc vu tan tInh, chuycn nghIep, El Sol chInh la diém hen Iy tudng cho nhung gio phut thu gmn cung ban be. nguoI than, nham nhi Iy ruqu Vang hay cocktail trong txeng nhac nhe nhang. Nhan dip | <hai truong ngay 24/0|/20|4. thuc khach den voI EI SoI Cafe se nhan duoc IIhung uu clan dac blet: mien phI tasting coffee Va I: ooI<Ics. gIam 20% men tong hoa don tu 9:00 den | S:00; mlén phI tasting beer Va gyoza. giam 20% tren tong hoa don tu 15:00 den 22:00‘ N am yen tInh trong mot khu Chung cu co kinh tu thOI Phap. Ia dia diem GIG mo cua: 08:00 - 22:00 “Lau 2, so 4 Nguyen Sieu, P. Ben Nghe, Q. I, TP. HCM *www. facebookcomlelsolcafe *Hot line: 0909 095 586 (JP, ENG) *O974 989 947 (JP. VN) (Wetnamese Gift shop) Lau 2, so 89-9| Nguyen Du, P. Ben Nghe. Q. I, TP. HCM *www. facebook. com/ pages/ EL$'OL LIFE *Hot line: 0902 557 732 (JP. ENG) ‘O974 989 947 (JP, VN) biet hap din vdi hau Va Vem. Noi bat la hau tuoi. hau nuong hanh, ca chua Va rau mui Tay. hau VOI rau chan Vit Va sot pho man kem beo ngay Rocke Fellers. NgoaI ra, vem Marlnieres. vem sot pho mai xanh dung kem khoai tay chien. my Y vdi Vem cay cung Ia nhung mon nén thu. Méi mon chInh trong thuc don nay dLIC_! C phuc vu kem mot Iy ruqu Vang trang mién phI. DAM DA I-_IU'O'NG V1 HAU VA VEM XANH Nhung con hau tuy nho be nhung day chat dinh duong, cluqc so sanh huong VI vol rau dlep. tao. dun chuot. tham chI nhu hoa VI 0 let Va | <Im | oaI dong. Vem Vol huong VI dac [rung cung duqc nhac tcI nhu mot trong nhung mon an duoc yeu ‘ thnch nhat tu bien ca‘ Den Press _, I _ '-‘Toa nha Press I Club tI ong [hang I nay. ban se co co hoI thuong [IIUC thuc don dac Club. 59A Ly Than To. Hoan Klem, Ha Nc_>i *Tel: 04. 3934 0888) MUZIK PARK, DIEM HEN AM NHAC Toa lac Cua Nam, Muzik Park hQI tu nhieu gIc_>ng ca ndi tiéng. nhung nhac pham tInh ca Vang bc'>ng theo phong cach am nhac quoc té. Khong khI cua MuzII< Park pha tron giua quan bar Va phong tra ca nhac vc'II khong gian sang trpng va thu gian, thI'ch hqp dé ban Iua chon cho cuoc hop mat khach hang, ddI cac, ban be, thudng thuc Iy cafe. rugu Vang kem theo nhung wwwphomen com vr~ mon an nhe. Tu |9h00 moI ngay, MuzII< Park VGI dan nhac piano. vIo| on gIup ban thuong thuc bua toi Iang man trong khong gIarI am CUng, [I1.'II'1III| CI’II Tu 20h chuong mnh ca nhac Muzik By NIght bat dau VOI cac man bIeu dIen nhac song. DJ show, khieu Vu. .. ”‘57 Cua Nam. Hoan Kiem. Ha No: *Website: www.57cuanam. vn) II‘/ IIll(: 'rI I! III IA Trdng Hm I 94 Home QIIEI vu, » 2‘/ /I ’ ~ : Iv ’I‘Io. vI SW: P‘In'/ (I PI‘? I45, I). Ir II"I ‘1‘5"u I"I’I’ I‘ . ’I I
  • 3. IIEIG RELAXING AT EL SOL CAFE I eacefully located in a historical apartment building constructed from the French colonial era as a film studio of many Vietnamese movies and also a favorite artistic destination of many photographers. EL SOL Cafe promises to be a must-visit place for those. who like coffee. After a stressful day. you can slowly taste distinctive flavors of Italian coffee such as Cappuccino or Latte in a very warm space. Here, you can ' also try coffee in a new style with pure coffee made by siphon. aeropress or hand drip machines. In addition, EL SOL Cafe offers delicious meals with fresh ingredients of Vietgap chosen carefully by its Japanese owner. With its particular menu, forthcoming and professional staff. EL SOL Cafe is an ideal rendezvous to relax with your family and friends while sipping a glass of wine or cocktail in the melodious music sound. On its debut on January 24. 20lS. diners of EL SOL Cafe can enjoy many benefits. including tasting coffee and cookies free; 20% discount on the total receipt from 9:00 to | S:00: tasting beer and gyoza free; 20% discount on the total bill from |5:00 to 22:00. Open: 8a. m A |0p. m (EL SOL CAFE & DINING 2‘ ‘ Floor . 4 Nguyen Sieu Str. Ben Nglie. Distl, HCMC *www. facebook. com/ elsolcafe *Hot line: 0909 095 586 (JP, ENG) *0974 989 947 (JP, VN) ""EL SOL LIFE (Vietnamese Gift shop) 2 “ Floor, B9-9| Nguyen Du Str. Ben Nghe. Dist I. HCMC *www. faceboolccam/ pages/ ELSOL LIFE *Hot line: 0902 557 732 (JP. ENG) 0974 989 947 (JP. VN). 5.751151] ALL THINGS OYSTERS AND MUSSELS I1I JANUARY Oyster packs a punch when it comes to flavors. have been compared to lettuce. apple. cucumber. even violets and copper. Mussels too evoke talk about their flavors and taste as they are a favorite food of the sea among diners. Come to Press Club Hanoi this January with an alluring menu with both oysters and mussels. Tiy fresh oysters for each or have ‘I. . ‘ V. Il'I. S'2l}‘Ifl‘. iL’Ill2lIl1.(“iH I _i‘t. <i*i"c~@ V‘; /K 1». them grilled and served with green onions. tomatoes and cilantro. You can also get oyster rock fellers, sauteed spinach and creamy cheese sauce for three pieces. In addition. the Mussels Marinieres and French Fries or Mussels Blue Cheese Sauce and French Fries are classics. as is the Spicy Mussels Spaghetti which is on the menu, too. All these dishes are served with a complimentary glass of white wine. (PRESS CLUB "Press Club Building. 59A Ly Thai To. Hoan Kiem, Hanoi *Tel: 04. 3934 0888) tn“ - -- ii . . . Ll. <.lIi. l'lt‘ll‘i; IIli. I‘iilll I Ti-I: +3430 . 3"’ MUZIK PARK, MUSIC RENDEZVOUS OF HANOIAN YOUNG FOLKS Located at Cua Nam street. Muzik Park gathers many famous singers with carefully set-up programs and well-known songs of International style. Muzik Park is the mixture of a bar and tea room with standard sound and light system as well as luxurious and relaxing space. This is a perfect meeting place with your customers, partners and friends to enjoy coffee. wine or snacks, From l9:00 every day. you can immerse in the melodious sound of piano and violin while enIoying romantic dinner in a warm and elegant space of Muzik Park. From 20:00, the Muzik By Night program will start with live performances. DJ show and dances. (MUZIK PARK 57 Cua Nam. Hoan Kiem, Hanoi *Website: www.57cuanam. vn) ' e "'-_! ';', :''. ‘.. -y B‘ / I . ‘.¢I olfilh ' -. huui lull jqjlasdblle rate; " _ . r J

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