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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pressdot.Net-Americans_Forced_To_Get_News_Online_As_Mainstream_Media_Is_Absent

  • 1. pressdot .net Forced to Get News Online As Mainstream Media isAbsentBoston, MA – Late in the night as the Boston Bomber drama unf olded there was one element that was notpresent: The U.S. Media. As the story line unf olded, the U.S. public was completely lef t in the dark via the MainStream Media. Initial accounts are that a record number of American’s went to the internet, particularity, SocialMedia to get the latest on the action as it happened.Reported to be one of the biggest sources of inf ormation, and as been so since the beginning of the events,is said to be the popular social media website From the beginning of the Boston Bombing events,Reddit has hosted several subreddits. Last night, the most populated page was /r/f indbostonbombers, withearly reports of the police investigating the suspects apartments. Shortly af ter, the users were directed to anonline chat room and links to various Boston Police Scanners.Early in the night as the events unf olded, the Boston Police scanner had roughly 2,000-4,000 viewers at anygiven time. By 3:00 a.m. central time, that number had mushroomed to over 80,000. Many of the listeners wereable to rely breaking events via social media outlets. Later on in the hunt, the police asked that the public to notpost content f rom the police scanners via the internet f or security reasons.Without the presence of the police scanners and social media, it’s believed millions of people would have beencompletely in the dark of the events as it took the major media outlets many hours to begin to pick up the chainof events. For instance, most of the events had already taken place by the time CNN was able to join in andmost of the social media users mocked their lack of knowledge of happenings.

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