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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pressdot.Net-Disposable_Email_Services_Becoming_Tool_Of_Choice_For_Spamming_Online

  • 1. pre ssdo t .ne t http://www.pressdo sable-email-services-beco ming-to o l-o f-cho ice-fo r-spamming-o nline-858Disposable email Services Becoming Tool of Choice forSpamming OnlineMiami, FL - Disposable email services like,, as well as otherswere built to help online users generate temporary email accounts to help prevent Spam in their personal emailaccounts. Experts are beginning to see a growing and concerning trend; Spammers are taking advantage ofthe disposable and anonymous email services to act as a means to spam others.Online marketing expert Rich Toms states, “Setting up an account at is as simple as just typing inthe mailbox name. T he service itself will f ollow and activate any clickable URLs that come across thetemporary mailbox. T his is absolute Nirvana f or online spammers. Spammers now basically have at theirdisposable an instant, anonymous and f ree catchall f or spamming.”Online marketing experts are seeing more and more people online using some of the webs mostnotorious spamming tools begin using the disposable email accounts, most incorporating them directly into thesof tware. Rich states “Unf ortunately, the services f or the average users are great. Due to the heavyspamming taking place now using those domains, it’s a matter of time bef ore most websites ban the use ofthem, messing up things f or the average user.”It’s now widely known that the popular webmaster ranking tool GSA Search Engine Ranker now automaticallycreates and uses accounts with Disposable email service As well, it is reported that users ofthe popular SENuke backlink sof tware are making use of disposable email, one of the more popular disposable email services, acknowledges in their FAQ section thatusers utilize their service f or spamming, but sheds the blame to other webmasters to monitor their ownwebsites.

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