Preston Wall
306a E 34th St
Austin, TX 78705
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Preston Wall resume

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Preston Wall 306a E 34th St Austin, TX 78705 713-819-1915 Objective Internship for Mechanical Engineering for Summer 2016 Education Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, May 2017 McCombs Business Foundation Certificate Program The University of Texas at Austin Overall GPA: 3.20/4.00 Major Specific GPA: 3.34/4.00 Work Experience 5/09-8/12 (Summers) Shop Assistant, Chem Fabrication LLC  Facilitated welding and fitting projects in all stages of fabrication processes of heat exchangers and pressure vessels  Enhanced skills in welding non pressure holding seams, operating forklifts, fitting nozzles, and interpreting professional drawings  Had opportunity to see manufacturing from both the design and fabrication side of business  Was promoted to larger jobs over my time working there 5/13-7/13 Counselor, T Bar M: Camp Travis  Coordinated and led activities for teenagers at traditional overnight camp  Worked with other staff in order to maintain safety and plan events 5/15-8/15 Undergraduate Researcher, University of Texas Mechanical Engineering  Worked with professors, graduate students, and other undergrads  Met regularly to solve problems and research topics given to the University  Personally took charge of a job rebuilding and updating a CFR engine 8/14 – Present Student Manager, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority House  Set up and serve meals for the girls of the sorority  Enable a smoothly flowing and clean work environment for the kitchen Leadership Experience 9/12-11/12 Builds Chair for Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity  Led design and construction of large scale set pieces and decorations for a social event  Managed a large build team, thought creatively, and problem solved to build pieces with maximum efficiency and maintaining budget 8/14- 12/14 Assistant Pledge Trainer for Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity  Leading and discipling 60 young college men  Working with a team of APT’s in order to plan out and execute activities and events for the potential members over the whole semester 1/13- 5/15 House Committee Chair for Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity  Communicating and doing business with property owners  Acquiring funding for purchasing a house  Worked up to be head of committee Skills  Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint  Proficient in SolidWorks, Inventor 3D-CAD design software,  Basic use of C++, MATLAB  Training on lathes and mills  Creating, reading, and interpreting professional drawings  Strong interpersonal and communication skills Volunteer Experience  Neighborhood Longhorns, Southeast Austin Elementary school tutoring  Austin Stone Church, Tear Down and Kids Ministry 1/15-Present

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