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Press Release--PUP Speaks on Recent Killings

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release--PUP Speaks on Recent Killings

  • 1. People’s United Party SecretariatJanuary 8, 2013 PUP Press Release PUP Speaks on Latest KillingsThe People’s United Party (PUP) first wishes to offer condolences to the families of all personswho have lost their lives since the start of 2013.We next call in the strongest terms for the Government and security forces to respond swiftly tothe near state of anarchy possibly caused by the further killings of today January 8, 2013 and tobring the current situation under control. Schools have been closed, children sent home andcitizens are living in fear.Our leader, Hon Francis Fonseca stands by to hear from Prime Minister Barrow, and the PUPwill do all that we can to cooperate in bringing peace and order to Belize City.We appeal to all city residents to remain calm and to follow the advice we expect to beforthcoming from the relevant security authorities.The present crime situation cannot continue and we call on Government to work with allStakeholders in this national emergency.For more information kindly contact Hon. Francis Fonseca at telephone number 610-5540 or223-1404. END Serve the People! #3 Queen Street, Belize City Telephone: 674-9958 Facsimile: 223-3476 Email:

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