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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - PRESS_RELEASE-Radio_Free_Detroit-10yr_Anniversary

  • 1. Contact: DJ Osiris FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone/Text: 313-335-1978 Email: Website: WWW.RADIOFREEDETROIT.ORG Logo Link: RADIO FREE DETROIT CELEBRATES 1O YEARS OF OPERATION 2015 Marks 10 Year Of Radio Free Detroit Radio Free Detroit is a 24 hour, non-profit, non-commercial internet radio station and program content provider for Secondary HD Radio stations, on-line radio stations and community radio stations targeting adults 25-54. Started in 2005, Radio Free Detroit currently features a diverse mix of Soul, R&B, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Techno and House Music. The purpose of Radio Free Detroit is to give a worldwide audience a non-corporate broadcast outlet of diverse programming that is easily accessible, using alternate methods of traditional broadcasting and to electronically promote the sale of music from local, national and international artist from the past and present. Radio Free Detroit also gives individuals and organizations broadcast opportunities that are not always available in commercial terrestrial radio. Radio Free Detroit provides programming for non-commercial, low power radio stations, school /college stations, micro-broadcasters, internet and shortwave radio stations along with cable TV channels, satellite radio and Secondary HD Radio channels. Broadcast and production studios are located in Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan. DJ Osiris, Radio Free Detroit founder and programmer, made a format change in 2012 after hearing listeners Complain about the reduction of independently owned urban radio stations such as Detroit’s own 107.5 WGPR. “My primary focus is the listening audience”, said DJ Osiris. “I simply want to give the listeners what they want. It’s not about getting rich; it’s about providing a service.” The previous format consisted of Electronic Dance music. Radio Free Detroit uses the slogan “Real Radio for the People… By The People…” Radio Free Detroit can be heard anywhere around the world via smart phones, laptops, tablets or desktops and can be found on many internet radio aggregators. In 2015, Radio Free Detroit plans on adding more live shows, setting up more studios, building a new website and webcasting more live events. Visit Radio Free Detroit on line at RADIOFREEDETROIT.ORG Radio Free Detroit operates under Title 47, Part 15 (47 CFR 15) in the Code of Federal Regulations governing the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regarding unlicensed radio transmissions. Radio Free Detroit is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Michigan. ### If you would like more information about Radio Free Detroit or to schedule an interview with DJ Osiris, Please call or text 313-335-1978 or email

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