The Nadal Poker StyleIn the world of tennis, Rafael Nadal is a byword for champion. He is a sporting hero of thisgeneratio...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. The Nadal Poker StyleIn the world of tennis, Rafael Nadal is a byword for champion. He is a sporting hero of thisgeneration with the reputation of sportsmanship and modesty as well as dynamic focus, physicalstrength and mental stamina. Unfortunately the second half of the 2012 Grand Slam season hasseen Nadal plagued with a persistent knee injury. This has resulted in him missing not only theLondon 2012 Olympics but also Wimbledon and the US Open. However, he’s not been idle. As youmight expect from a competitive sportsman, Nadal has taken on-board a new challenge: poker.In June 2012, Rafael Nadal was signed as PokerStars’ newest Pro Team player and team mascot. Thiscoincided with the launch of their Spanish-based site Unlike his tennis, the gameof poker is new to Nadal. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see what kind of player he’ll growinto…To be a successful tennis player on the world circuit it’s not enough to carry a strong game. Tennischampionship matches frequently run for several hours. These matches are not only games ofoutright strength and skill; they necessitate endurance, stamina, focus, and strategic game play.They also require a good reading and understanding of the opponent. As you can see, these aremany of the skills needed to become a master at poker.Nadal is a novice. But what will his playing style be like? As a thinker and a strategic game player,he’s unlikely to fall into the all-too-common beginner’s trap of over-confident, loose, aggressiveplay. The majority of new online poker players are so keen to get in on the action that they playalmost every hand and over-bet when they do so. As a tennis player who thinks long term strategy,it’s likely that Nadal will suit a conservative/tight playing style, only launching an aggressiveconfident attack when he has a decent hand or conditions for a decent bluff.Just how well Nadal will fair at reading his opponents remains to be seen. However, he is enjoyingsome first class coaching so it’ll only be a matter of time before he can spot online and real-life bluffand tells. In his tennis game, Nadal is a shrewd tactician, drawing his opponents in for the decisivefinishing shot. His poker style is bound to reflect this.Although Nadal is a top class professional tennis player, he isn’t flamboyant or flashy. In a similarway, you won’t find Nadal at a high stakes poker table throwing his money around. He’s a manwho’s interested in excellent game play, so as he learns you’re much more likely to spot him on thelower tables, learning his poker craft. There’s no doubt he’ll be a fast learner, so all bets are onregarding his finesse and competence once we see him at the 2013 World Series…

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