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PriceGain-Air is a unique web-based price intelligence tool that allows for real-time monitoring of air fares for retail travel businesses like airlines, and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) across various competitor & supplier websites. PriceGain-Air provides two delivery methods: the real-time on demand and scheduled reports for high volumes of data. With PriceGain-Air, the multiple-consumer facing sites can not only smoothly manage their online products & fares but also always be updated with each component of the vast number of transactions involved. Features A quick view Dashboard with graphical ‘Competitive Score’ and ‘Competitive Farespace’ views Ability to customize the views as per your own business rules and logic Multiple ways of generating reports – Consecutive dates, Days out, Distributed dates and Events Create events as per your market to track peak periods more closely Ability to even track ancillary components outside of Fare and Tax/surcharges Cache pages for all fares fetched for easy validation of data Customized Excel analysis, using macros and color coding, provided to subscribers to ensure data is presented in a way that helps them take business decisions. Enables data compatibility with any third party decision-making systems like a Revenue Management System or a Pricing System, availability of data as XML feed or flat files Tax and other special components of rates for the products are highlighted clearly as separate columns to ensure apple to apple comparison of rates. 24x7 customer support by a dedicated Quicktickets system with a standard 2-hour response time. Dedicated Account Manager: RateGain invests heavily in its customer success program. A dedicated Account Manager is assigned for every client. This is no ordinary “Account Management” tag; in fact, the Account Manager typically is in conversation with clients daily to ensure the exacting quality of service is provided in the most consistent manner.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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