June 3, 2015 Contact: Lamonté Moore
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone: (414) 520-0540
Student Urge Governor to Use Veto Power
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PressRelease- UrgesVeto

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. June 3, 2015 Contact: Lamonté Moore FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone: (414) 520-0540 Student Urge Governor to Use Veto Power The actions by the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) last Friday undeniably, negatively affects the UW System, faculty and students. The $250M cuts, removal of tenure, and attack on Shared Governance proves that the JFC neither honors nor respects the rights and responsibilities students, faculty and staff have practiced for over 40 years of Shared Governance. Since the release of the biennial budget proposal, students and faculty have been strongly opposed to the elimination of faculty tenure as it exists in state law, and to any action altering the power of Shared Governance. Students have seen for two consecutive biennia a concerted effort to undermine their right to engage in Shared Governance. This unlawful barricade has barred students from maximizing their UW degree by executing the partnership between UW System, Board of Regents and the State Legislature in accordance with state law and UW System policy. This attack on students and faculty Shared Governance uproots the rights of these groups and, in doing so, uproots the very foundational core that has made the University of Wisconsin System a staple throughout the nation. “UW System’s value is connected to its outstanding faculty and their ability with students and the administration to enhance system value through co-development” - Amanda McGovern, United Council President. We urge the Governor to, as he did last biennium, use his veto power and restore Shared Governance and tenure in state law. Last biennium, the Governor used his veto power to reverse the freeze on segregated fee increases because he believed that, in doing so, the legislators were in violation of state statute 36.09(5), which says that students have the vested right for the disposition of student segregated fees: “I support vesting responsibility for the disposition of fees that support student activities with the students at each University of Wisconsin institution or college campus”- Governor Walker on his veto (2013). We agree with the Governor that student segregated fees are vital, especially in the midst of a budget crisis to fund student led activities that enhance the student experience on campuses. United Council urges the Governor to continue his support of Shared Governance by vetoing the removal of faculty tenure and alterations to Shared Governance. ###

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